Incredible Figure Fitness Veterans (Over 35) Ripped and muscular

Incredible  Figure Fitness Veterans (Over 35) Ripped and muscular
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Incredible  Figure Fitness Veterans (Over 35) Ripped and muscular

In this video we meet a Figure Fitness Veteran Class with incredible athletes.
Veteran means over 35 years old and we can`t believe they are all over 35!
One of the ladies later won a world Championship Title.
To se who that is make sure to waych our next video hen the finals is posted.

And the competitors for the Veteran Figure Fitness Prejudging are:

142 Kathleen Franke Team Chamoun, Norrköping
143 Anneli Bååth Team Attilas, Ängelholm
144 Maria Ahlberg Delta Gym, Stockholm
145 Somporn Booranmoon Delta Gym, Stockholm
146 Viveca Östlund Team One By Boson, Västerås
147 Elisabeth Rastelén Nordic Shape, Stockholm
148 Anna-Carin Mähler Sandstedt Strong By Fitness, Lidköping
149 My Wennerström Team X-shape, Halmstad
150 Marika Österberg Gunnarsson Delta Gym, Stockholm
151 Sahar Raouf Nordic Shape, Stockholm
152 Pernilla Valsinger Team Hasselmark, Aspudden
153 Therese Thorin Strong By Fitness, Lidköping
154 Matilda Svensson Team X Shape by Wallberg Sattler, Motala
155 Sandra Decker Team Star Gym, Sundsvall

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  1. Alexis Martínez

    Fantastic group of athletes. Very beautiful all of them.

  2. Mike Alley

    The ladies don't look over 35 very beautifu.l

  3. Mike Alley

    Good group of ladies lots muscle.

  4. Jason Morales

    146. I love her. Beautiful blonde and tall

  5. Путешествие По Жизни

    Ох, какие девочки красивые!

  6. Average Joe

    Extraordinary Show, Amazing Beauties!!

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