In the News.. Israel implant for type 2, sports study for T1D kids, Tidepool period project and…

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This week, In the News our top stories include: Israeli researchers test an implant for type 2 remission, a new sports study looks at kids with type 1 on multiple daily injections, a new camera app to turn your old meter into high-tech info, the Tidepool period project, type 1 in the World Series and more! Join us LIVE every Wednesday at 4:30pm EDT Check out Stacey’s book: The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom!

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Episode transcription below:

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Hello and welcome to Diabetes Connections In the News! I’m Stacey Simms and these are the top diabetes stories and headlines of the past seven days. As always, I’m going to link up my sources in the Facebook comments – where we are live – we are also Live on YouTube and in the show notes at d-c dot com when this airs as a podcast.. XX In the News is brought to you by Real Good Foods! Find their breakfast line and all of their great products in your local grocery store, Target or Costco. XX Our top story: Lucky mice but will it work in people? Israeli scientists say they have a one-time implant that brings blood glucose into non-diabetic range. The implant is healthy tissue grown in a lab – the glucose dropped by an average of 26-percent and stayed there the four months of the study. The engineered cells absorbed sugar, improved glucose levels and also improved absorption in other muscle cells. Long way to go before this is tried in people. XX Sports and kids with type 1 can be a tough balance, especially on multiple daily injections. A new study called the Car-2-Diab trial looked at what changes work well for teens during exercise. There’s a lot here, so I’d urge you to follow the link I’ll provide, but basically everyone in this small study experienced overnight hypos and some high BG just after exercise. The most common fix was a drop in total basal insulin. These researchers say sports and type 1 have a – quote – “irreducible level of confounding factors.” Which.. from personal experience, I can say.. I agree. XX Big new study about Medtronic’s 780G pump, available in Europe and in front of the US FDA right now. This looked at 3200 kids age 15 and younger. Time in range was 74% overall and overnight 82%. The 780G uses the Guardian Sensor 3 as a hybrid closed loop where you still bolus for meals. Overall these kids saw a 12-percent bump up in time in range.. which is a better boost than Medtronic’s first hybrid closed loop system, the 670G. XX Good write up about adults with type 1 which make up more than half of all new cases of type 1. This summary in the ADA publication Diabetes Care shows that there are big differences between adult and childhood onset, many of which aren’t understood. This also points out that misdiagnosis occurs in nearly 40% of adults with new type 1 diabetes, with the risk of error increasing with age. XX New app to retrofit a regular old blood glucose meter and make it a bit more high tech. Computer vision technology developed by University of Cambridge engineers can read and record the glucose levels, time and date displayed on a typical glucose test.. it does this with just the camera on a mobile phone. The technology, which doesn’t require an internet or Bluetooth connection, works for any type of glucose meter, in any orientation and in a variety of light levels. The app is called Gluco-Rx Vision. You think about a lot of the services and programs that have popped up that require Bluetooth and remote monitoring – this helps people take advantage without having to buy a new meter. XX Tidepool gets a boost for it’s Period Project… from Amazon. The Tidepool Period Project is trying to address the unmet needs of people with diabetes who menstruate. This funding from Amazon Web Services will go to supporting prototype concepts and user interface designs at Tidepool. There’s not a lot of data on diabetes and periods despite the fact that we all pretty much know anecdotally that there’s a lot going on in terms of glucose levels and hormones. Kudos to Tidepool for gathering this info for future research….
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D-RIBOSE IS THE NEW ANTI-AGE “MIRACLE” THAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT. In this video we talk about the new anti-age ingredient that has been around since man’s beginning, namely D-Ribose, the backbone of our energy molecule Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a simple pentose sugar that in studies has shown to reduce the amount of wrinkles on the skin, reduce the length of them and give and overall youthfulness to the skin, when tested on 21 women for 28 days, with visible improvements after just 14 days. D-Ribose is great for mature skin. Some will say put your sunscreen on last, some will say first and nothing else, I mix the two using the recommended amount of sunscreen as to make sure I get the needed amount on my skin. As always, doing as I do is at your own risk, nothing in my videos are meant to cure, heal or prevent anything whatsoever, use common sense.

Not sponsored, all products bought with my own money.

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Ingestion of D-Ribose can be problematic if suffering form Diabetes, so check with doctor first. Three articles below to highlight some issues with Ribose and Diabetes:

Study on D-Ribose and wrinkles, the number of women is here 20 (Oskia Skincare talks of 21?):

From Oskia’s webpage:

The two studies seems not to be the same as the number of women differs and the Oskia study is way more impressive… hmm.

#JOBeauty #Anti-Age #Oskia
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  1. Logical_LB

    Is it necessary to be topical or ribose has skin benefits from supplementing as well?

  2. Light being Pontifex

    Thanks I did dribose hyaluronic acid 1;1 cream,,,

  3. Bailey Struss

    Check out the studies re higher alzheimers risk and higher A1C taking ribose.

  4. Angel Johnson

    How do you take it as a supplement

  5. Jo Rossetti

    Amazing advice! Thank you. Where can I buy the d ribose in the U.K. ?

  6. Harley

    I have wanted to incorporate D-ribose and B3 into a facial serum for awhile, and LOVED the information you provided in your video, THANK YOU so much! I already have all the supplements you suggest, plus I'm going to add Red Clover extract. I would really prefer to take your suggestion and use the Vichy Celestins thermal mineral water, as I absolutely refuse to use tap water or any type of water that contains trace amounts of the grose things found in unfiltered water. But this has been a giant roadblock to creating my own serum, because I can't find ANYWHERE either here in the US or online that even sells Vichy Celestins mineral water! The only place I found online was a French website that wants to charge over $38 VAT fee to ship a 6 pack of battles to the US, which I believe there are no VAT fees to ship an item OUT of Europe IN to the United States, and the fee only applies when shipping items within Europe, or am I mistaken? I wanted to ask if you possibly know of any suppliers that will ship the Vichy water you use to the US, and if so could you please please share them with us? I would be eternally grateful, as I don't want to spoil the benefits and efficacy of the serum I make by mixing the ingredients I water that doesn't also provide benefits for my skin. Thank you so much and thank you again for sharing such amazing knowledge with us!

  7. White Feinberg

    Wonderful tips. Thank you handsome guy. I will made it as soonest I can.

  8. Zul O Curran

    Great video. What other supplements do you take for anti aging or reverse aging.

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