I'm NOT Diabetic. I Wore a CGM. Here's What I Learned about My Blood Sugar

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I’m NOT Diabetic. I Wore a CGM. Here’s What I Learned about My Blood Sugar

Non-diabetic with a CGM? Uncover the surprises I discovered about my blood sugar. A peek into the unknown. Dive in now!

Thanks to Levels for sponsoring this video. To get started, go to https://Levels.link/DrBecky and get 2 additional months free on the annual Levels membership.

CGM stands for, continuous glucose monitor, and that is exactly what this little device from Levels does when you stick it on your skin. It continually monitors your glucose (or sugar) level.

If you have diabetes, you may already be in love with CGMs because they replace the finger pricks that used to be required to track your blood sugar at home. If you’re not diabetic, like me, a CGM can teach you so much about how your unique body is handling your lifestyle choices and the foods you eat. No more guesswork, lots of fun revelations. Let’s go over what I learned and how Levels is making it possible for everyone, including you, to get one.

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Our best recommendation in the end is that you get the best advice from a group of professionals who have been willing to revolutionize your diabetes situation and give you the opportunity to radically improve your health.

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  1. Lynne Carville

    Your voice and positivity is so rewarding. Thank you . X

  2. Ed Sedlak

    Thank you for the useful video. I am not a diabetic and I just received my CGM today. I will be treating it as an experiment because I can see that my A1C levels have been rising over time and I want to see which foods are causing that. The levels monitor looks just like a Dexcom G6.

  3. Rob Effbrady

    im confused , help me out here… my pharmacy and pcp both say I need a prescription for a cgm …and then claims I dont qualify for the prescription because im just in the "pre-diabetes " stage and not on insulin…. so how do you get one when not technically a diabetic yet ??? I think it would be extremely helpful at this point to continuously see what is spiking my glucose levels now instead of waiting for it to get worse

  4. Maggie Kavanagh Mindfulness

    How much is this CGM? Thanks 🙏🏼

  5. David Otness

    Think about your health status being constantly monitored by strangers and g…ernment-corporate entities such as ins…nce companies, because by God, that's exactly what you are going to get with this lil' thang.

  6. Dareen Rose

    Nice, I use Libre and Blucon device and it has been life saver for me, I've been able to manage my glucose levels and avoid dangerous lows, especially at night. The Linkblucon app's alarms have been a life-saver for me, providing peace of mind and allowing me to sleep more soundly.

  7. Michael Murphy

    I would love to be able to have a CGM monitor. My doctor told me that you don't get a CGM for my diagnosis. I believe that I could of done a much better job of healing myself with a CGM.. I did fix my pre-diabeties by losing 30 pounds and reducing my Ha1c from 5.9 to 5.5. I also (with the help and direction from my PCP) get off statin medication. My cholesterol is now back in normal range. I could have done so much better with a CGM.

    I had to figure it out on my own. I believe that our health care system is in a crisis and that patients that truly want to improve could benefit from a CGM. Instead of writing prescriptions we have an opportunity to empower doctor's by prescribing a CGM instead of a pill so that your average Joe or Jane can become a healthier individual.

    If you look at the cost of treating a diabetic a CGM is a much more cost effective way of doing it. They say that the average cost is about $9,000 per year for direct causes. Imagine taking motivated patients and teaching them how to beat their diabetes.

  8. Linda Whipple

    Dr. Becky, thank you for the information. It’s a wonderful idea but, I know for me at least, it’s unrealistic. My husband and I are retired and live on a small income. Paying $199 a year for membership and $199 a month is a bit steep. I averaged it out per month and it’s about $215 a month. For my husband and I that’s a car payment. Sorry, I can’t justify the cost. I’m on your 40 Day program and I’ll have to just work with that and the Cronometer. I am a diabetic on insulin but I don’t use it 3 or more times in a day, just once. So insurance and Medicare are out. I’m a vet and can’t get through them, either. I’ll just have do without. Thanks, though.

  9. Andy Boat

    Honest to admit you were sponsored.

  10. heng ang

    How much CGM cost? Sorry to ask. Please..

  11. Alex Kyun

    How accurate doest CGM generate results?

  12. Sam Goodview

    Where can I buy this CGM product myself and what exactly is the model?

  13. Nicole Sheehan

    There’s got to be a more financially accessible version of this technology for people who are suffering from ALL the effects of insulin resistance but don’t have diabetes…😢 The average person has insulin resistance but can’t afford a means to fix it… sigh

  14. France's Farmer

    I’ve seen people with them on and I’m predisposed to diabetes but my lifestyle is eating a keto-carnivore diet so no need for CGM.

  15. gerry secure

    Blood sugar is tightly controlled by a healthy body through insuline. So it really does not tell very much. When your blood sugar behaves abnormally you are already metabolically sick or contiuously eating carb junk and forcing to become sick.
    Just restrict carbs to ~ 100g/day. You save money on usless devices, food cost and med care.

  16. Olayinka Idriz

    I’m taking this time out to appreciate Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my Type 2 diabetes with the natural herbs supplements I ordered from him after I came across his YouTube channel.

  17. Yorick Jenkins

    Do I understand that all these devices require that you own a "smart" phone (which I do not) which are themselves unhealthy and their production and disposal extremely harmful to the environment?

  18. j000ker007

    I used the Freestyle Libre 14 day. I used 4 out of 6 boxes prescribed to me and paid by BlueCross. I had high hopes after listening to these promotion videos. My experience is that it was very inaccurate and worthless. They were on the average 30 to 50 points off all of the time. Now I hear others saying the same. What a rip off they are. You know that 4 grams of carbs = 1 teaspoon of sugar. Do the math and save your money. I hope in the future they get better. Good luck.

  19. anthony silva

    Excellent video. Cute doggie!

  20. Irshad Ahmad

    Is CGM available in Pakistan?

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