If You Want Healthy Lungs, Do THIS Every Day for 30 Days ❗

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If you want healthy lungs, watch this video to learn the things you MUST do in order to boost your respiratory system.
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➡️ Is it Possible to Detox Your Lungs?
Some have claimed that it’s not possible. They say that once the damage is done, it’s done for good. But according to the American Lung Association, yes, it is possible to detox your lungs and repair some of the damage that has already occurred from bad habits like smoking cigarettes. You can do the following:

➡️ 1. Stop Smoking
Cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals which has negative effects on the tissues of your lungs. It causes them to decrease in size, develop a black pigmentation, and it causes inflammation as well.

➡️ 2. Maintain Good Posture
You may not realize it, but slouching and hunching over can have negative effects on your lungs and, over time, make it more difficult to breathe. This may feel natural, but over time, it results in fatigue, back pain, and yes, as I just mentioned: Weaker lungs.

➡️ 3. Exercise Regularly
Doing so forces the lungs to take in larger breaths at a faster rate than normal. Exercising regularly will strengthen the diaphragm which works to push toxins out of the lungs.

➡️ 4. Monitor the Quality of Air that You’re Breathing
A major factor in the health of your lungs depends on the quality of the air that you breathe in over a period of time. Industrial factories and even things like driving a car can have a negative impact on the local air quality in your area.

➡️ 5. Perform Breathing Exercises
It’s important to know that the diaphragm naturally starts to work less efficiently as we age. And that is why it’s important to do breathing exercises regularly in order to keep the diaphragm strong and healthy.

➡️ 6. Protect Yourself From Respiratory Infections
A cold may seem harmless, but unfortunately, some viruses can quickly escalate and cause infections that have lasting effects. This is especially true for the older population.

➡️ 7. Monitor Your Oxygen Saturation Levels
When you breathe, air enters the lungs and oxygen is picked up in the hemoglobin of red blood cells so that it can be transported and distributed to the tissues of the body. The organs of the human body require a certain amount of oxygen to function properly.

➡️ 8. Prevent Mucus and Phlegm from Accumulating
Mucus is a substance that lines the airways of the lungs to provide lubrication, filtration, and protection to keep foreign materials from entering the respiratory system.

➡️ 9. Use Essential Oils
An essential oil is a concentrated liquid that contains chemical compounds and substances that are derived from plants. There are several herbs that offer tremendous benefits not only for the entire body, but for the lungs as well.

➡️ 10. Eat a Lung-Healthy Diet
When it comes to the health of your lungs, most people don’t realize that your diet and the foods that you consume plays a role. Just like the other tissues of your body, the lungs need adequate nourishment as well.

💥Lung Detox [Full Guide] ➜ ➜ ➜ http://bit.ly/2Mi722t


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Medicine and Respiratory Therapy are continuously changing practices. The information in this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. For medical advice, please consult with a physician or qualified medical professional.


0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Is it Possible to Detox Your Lungs?
1:42 – Stop Smoking
1:41 – Maintain Good Posture
2:28 – Exercise Regularly
3;18 – Monitor the Quality of Air that You’re Breathing
4:32 – Perform Breathing Exercises
6:03 – Protect Yourself From Respiratory Infections
6:49 – Monitor Your Oxygen Saturation Levels
8:34 – Prevent Mucus and Phlegm from Accumulating
9:24 – Use Essential Oils
10;03 – Eat a Lung-Healthy Diet


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  1. Christine Verzi

    Thank you. I have been hospitalized with pneumonia A few times and have had pneumonia and bronchitis so many times and I do not smoke. I think it does to do it air quality and I have been told that I do not breathe properly. I tend to hold my breath and I don’t mean to also I do not consider posture to be that important but it makes perfect sense when I sit up straight and concentrate on my breathing or when I go to bed and concentrate on my breathing that’s good. I think it’s very important for people have a choice to have her air ducks cleaned change the air filters regularly that can make a difference. As a renter I don’t have those choices anymore. Some ion air purifiers, the real expensive ones may help. I have not found a cheaper ones to help. Well one thing about wearing masks will face warm and I just got out of the car I don’t have to ingest somebody else’s smoke

  2. Niyaz

    I feel my lungs are gonna give up on me soon. I just got back on vaping THC aftr i quit for like a month ive been vaping for 3,4 years straight. Now when i breath in through the nose i get a sharp pain in the corner of my chest. I wanna stop vaping THC but the addiction is hard to overcome.

  3. Janardan Patil

    Alcohol is one more factor harmful to Lungs which left to be mentioned.

  4. Criminal Minded

    What is this? 👉🏻 Þ⁹


    Nice🙏👌check out our lung health exercises 🙏❤️

  6. Jonathan Olavario

    Just drink all Vitamin C & 9 glass of Water everyday💪👍👍

  7. Chris Voisey

    Solid info, but very irritating music!

  8. leopold poppenberger

    Best advice ,,Start singing, singing is using your diaphragm you need a lot of air to push air past your vocal cords, very good and pleasant exercise and will do what you want to achieve.PS from an 81 year old singer also None Smoker

  9. JackyKozak05

    Thank you for this I have severe emphysema and every bit of advice is appreciated, it’s so easy to slip into lazy ways especially when I’ve been ill and getting back on the horse is so demotivating, keep up your amazing work and again thank you 🙏🏻

  10. Zara Edwards

    I am glad for this information it is going me a lot

  11. Hannah Millington

    Your videos are great, but I do have to say you sound like Chris off Family Guy 🙂

  12. Arla Hunt

    Stop telling people to watch til the end. Because……

  13. Gila Padernilla

    I'll do all what I've learned from your vedio thanks for the info

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