I Tried the US Navy Seal Fitness Test (INTENSE)

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I tried the us navy seal fitness test and it was just about as difficult as I was expecting it to be. I should probably work on my swimming skills….

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  1. jarrett Liu Jie

    Wow so good to hear from you thanks for the interest of navel on your safety

  2. vasumathy sathish

    When did crunches became sit-ups?

  3. j-money bam and e roy

    I subscribe and like so done!

  4. Mrbee1

    Let me question something do you know where you will go after you die? If not let me say you can have a choice to either go to hell or heaven see 2000 years ago there was this man named Jesus who died on the cross for our sins and rose alive 3 days later all because he truly loved us he died for us so I question you now do you truly believe in Jesus or do you live for the world turn to Jesus Christ trust in him Christ has way much more to give than the world he loves us turn to Christ

  5. Stepbro Viki

    nah bro 500m for 12 and 30 secs is so easy, i would probably do that in like 5mins

  6. Island Phonsin

    Can I have the pull-up bar pls

    Second entry

  7. master head

    Please me I want that shit
    Second entry

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