I tried intermittent fasting for 30 days with type 2 diabetes and here is what happened.

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As a type 2 diabetic I was looking for a way to control my blood sugar and lose weight. I tried intermittent fasting to accomplish both of these goals. See what happened, what I learned and see my ending blood sugars levels and weight loss.

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  1. Tracy Anderson

    I'm a woman and if I don't eat I crash. I can go till 2pm max. My eyes go dark and I feel like I'm going to pass out.

  2. Ramon Chavez

    Thank you for the review. It is very detailed, and informative as a video should be. I like how you got the important stuff as soon as possible and gave your honest experience. The video is short, and well organized.

  3. Exceptionally Dez

    Excellent information! I do 16:8 it took me a while but I feel much better and don’t rely on energy drinks to stay awake and I sleep so much better!

  4. Grant Rocco

    Congratulations! I hope you find what works for you. I have had a similar journey, but my results took longer. Here’s hoping it continues to work for both of us. 🤞🙏


    My heart just keeps thanking you and thanking you Dr Igudia for all you have done for me, you gave me your words that you could heal any sickness or disease, thank you for permanently curing me of my type 2 Diabetes you are amazing.

  6. Sri Ni

    Way to go my friend. I'm curious should you be fasting so much that your blood sugar level reaches around 51 (after 13 hour fasting)? I got it down from 173, but I'm not sure getting it soo low (to 51 after 13 hours of fasting) is a good sign though.

  7. A Piece of Patrice

    Thank you for sharing I was giving up hope. I have tried everything to loose weight and nothing happens , blood sugar levels are still high

  8. Kafo Adekunle

    It was a blessing to have met with you Dr Igudia, you have brought up a huge smile on my face and it's gonna be permanent, because I never thought I would ever be cured of my type 2 diabetes,all I could say now is thank you Dr

  9. Barbara Gibbs

    Did you exercise while on the fast

  10. Rajlaxmi Das

    I have diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.my blood sugar levels is 196. After control my diabetes can I leave allopathic medicine and I will continue aryuvedic medicine.i will try intermittent fasting to reduce my blood sugar levels.

  11. Esther Okon

    The day I came across Dr Igudia YouTube channel was the day I started living a more comfortable life again after using his natural herbs medication in curing my Diabetes disease completely

  12. kuya sam

    Thank you for sharing your journey! It's very encouraging to see how you managed to take the bull by the horns so to speak!

  13. exxentrik

    but during your intermittent fasting of 30 days, do you still take you medications?

  14. Angelo Restrepo

    Did you continue the journey?

  15. Austine Ogar

    I used to think having type 2 Diabetes disease was the end of life for me but all that change when I came across Dr Igudia on YouTube who gave me his natural herbs medication which I used in curing my type 2 Diabetes .

  16. V.

    this was so nice to hear! i'm 17, and i just got diagnosed with t2d back in february. i knew i had to get healthy quick because t2d runs in my family and i have already seen the effects of what happens to people when they don't control it. my weight at diagnosis was around 215 lbs, and i'm at around 195 lbs now, but im hitting a spot where i just can't seem to lose weight anymore. my a1c at diagnosis was around 9.7, and i was averaging sugars of 248. the change has been so hard for me and it's been so difficult to change my diet. i want to try intermittent fasting to control my sugar levels even more.
    right now they average in the 120's, but i'd like to see them in the 80-90 range.
    i'll try IF for a month and see where it gets me 🙂

  17. Blessing Funturu

    I still can’t stop thanking and recommending Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my type 2 diabetes disease with his natural supplements which I got from him after I contacted him on his YouTube channel.

  18. EngC

    I’m happy for you and you can do this. Concentrate on health and fat loss will also result. You can reverse type 2 diabetes and I do recommend a very low carb diet, prioritize protein too and don’t fear healthy natural fat, like butter, lard, tallow, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. Stay away from industrialized vegetable/seed oils, which are oxidized and cause body inflammation. I posted Dr. Eric Westman’s food list in a comment to Steve below. Wishing you much success.

  19. steven Mcc

    Good stuff fella.
    Your a tryer ill give you that.
    You would drop plenty on keto style food with the intermittant fasting too.
    When you ditch refined carbs eg pizza bread cake muffin donut scone naan biscuit corn chips etc and have more meat, fat, and old fashioned leafy veg. 2 things happen – you lose the urge to chain eat. Huge win. The other is weight will drop a lot faster. I lost 1/2lb per day for 5 weeks.
    Plus dont skimp have say 1900cals. Dont do cal restriction like 1000/day or this will fail in the end you will go back to sq 1.
    Throw in the odd omad. Also try a 2day fast every month. A 2day fast will drop a pound.
    Benjamin Bickman is v good and worth a watch.
    Robert Lustig also talks a lot of sense and is lobbying for better food for all.
    Dr Boz is good too.
    Try diet sheet from uk dr Unwin. This reverses T2 effectively.

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