I took the US Navy Seals Fitness Test

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Am I fit enough to pass the US Navy Seals Fitness Test?
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After completing the US Army and Marine Physical Fitness Tests, I thought I’d try out the US Navy Seals Physical Fitness Test

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  1. Natacha Océane

    I’d love to know which Veterans charities you’d like to support so let me know your ideas and vote on your favourites! I’m so proud we get to be a force for good together 🙏

    And comment which other fitness tests you’d like to see! I have some secret challenges in mind 🤫 but the FBI is next if you want it!! 👍

  2. Idelpop

    Mario is such a great coach/cheerleader in all of these. Such a sweet couple 🥰

  3. powerlesscarina

    I always wonder how her hair got dry in 10mins

  4. jujitusuka

    Impressive, most impressive but you’re not a Seal yet…. No seriously that was very good.

  5. Conrad

    I truly believe women are capable of all the tasks that the men are put through, but it's about the slow deterioration of your body after doing it weeks on end in training. The women that are physically capable are probably off doing a sport where they're making way more than the military has to offer.

  6. Thomas Hewitt

    Incredible level of fitness. Inspiring me to try and do the same thing.

  7. Michaela Bevillard

    People may always find a way to discredit or critique you, but you killed it. You pushed yourself the limits of your own abilities in this point and time, and that's all that matters.

  8. Rashmi Singh

    The good thing is you have Mario for motivation. Has Mario got brother? I have heard Mario brothers are best 😀
    keep it up. Binge watching your videos as I have recently started running.

  9. VinnyS914

    My friend was a SEAL. After we graduated he was a Seaman apprentice learning the Fire Control Technician Rate on the USS Cole. After he survived the bombing he became a SEAL and served with Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. In fact our families go further back. We graduated the schools new campus my cousin and his uncle were the last class on the old campus, 1980. In fact we had another SEAL two years ahead of us in school. I didn’t find out about all the stuff until way over a decade later.

  10. Tooooommy

    The swim was pretty good. The “Battle Stoke” as she called it, would’ve been more efficient but good job none the less. The push-ups were pretty much solid but she had some DD where she repositioned herself (only reposition prone) Sit-ups were a complete fail! Hands crossed on the clavicles and contact with the knee area so it’s more like a crunch than a sit-up. The run was good. I’m not buying her rest times though! Your not chatting to the camera and changing clothes. . Your breathing and stretching.

  11. Ujjwala

    why aren't you posting anymore ? 🙁

  12. D Allen

    You are gorgeous and your accent is smashingly adorable.

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