I Hate Titan Fitness – Racks & Bench Review

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Rogue R3 Rack: https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-r-3-power-rack

Rogue RML-3: https://www.roguefitness.com/rml-3-rogue-monster-lite-r-3

Rogue Monster Rack: https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-rm-4-bolt-together-monster-rack-2-0

EliteFTS Bench: https://www.elitefts.com/elitefts-flat-bench-deluxe-competition-bench.html

Texas Strength Systems Bench: https://texasstrengthsystems.com/products/competition-bench

Rogue Utility Bench: https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-flat-utility-bench

REP Fitness Bench: https://www.repfitness.com/rep-ab3000-adjustable-bench-858
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  1. rawrnett

    I've seen/done this before. They are speccing parts out to multiple Chinese suppliers, getting like parts delivered in bulk, then kitting and packaging when they get an order. I'll bet those uprights are getting bent when they unload the shipping containers.

  2. Andy Heilmann

    I think my new gym has a 3*3 squat rack. I bang one of my plates everytime I walk out and that never happened before

  3. Not your Business

    Do you even lift man? Gtfoh. You have some bad experiences, speak for yourself , you really sound like a whiny bitch man. I believe ya being very dramatic to spite Titan. All I have by Titan is legit

  4. Not your Business

    Love Titan. Great customer service so far. Nice and friendly. Quality products. Fast shipping. I have zero issues with them in anyway. I have made like 6/7 purchases from Titan so far. Everything fit in place perfect. No parts missing. There is some extra hardware in every thing I ordered. Shit I just toss away but I’d rather them send a few extra pieces if hardware then not enough. They are a very good solid company

  5. Michael Derenne

    I love Titan fitness products. Screw the crybaby haters. It doesn't have to be expensive to be good. I've never had a problem with any of their products.

  6. Kevin Rice

    I just ordered a trap bar from titan fitness and they sent me a fucking sled.

  7. jhonny puig

    The bench it’s really easy to assemble, it’s comfortable and I love the multiple angles you can set the back rest . The only bad thing about the bench it’s the legs they are not wide enough which sometimes feels like you’re about to fall on the side . Other than that it’s a good quality bench. Can be easily improved. Probably I’ll add 3 or 6 inches to legs to improve the falling on bestgym.equipment the side problem.

  8. Ricky Walton

    To be fair, their quality is MUCH better now

  9. Gay Benny

    So you can't lift 1000 lbs with a titan fitness rack

  10. nick0780

    Are they still sending you polls?😜

  11. joe bogert

    agree with the 3×3 vs 2×3… I'm one of the guys that bumps the rack when walking out

  12. Austin Lind

    I have my whole entire gym filled with Titan equipment and I absolutely love it.

  13. littlethuggie

    Start by saying anyone that claims a rack, and not a bar or weights, is the one piece of equipment you'd keep is probably a moron. "If I could do only one exercise, it would be these air squats in my rogue rack. I love all the posts where I can hang my air. The safeties are awesome as well, if I ever drop my air I know the rack will hold up".

    As of 2021 I've purchased tons of things (over multiple orders) from titan and not had a single issue. I purchased calibrated plates from rogue and the shipping method was atrocious, and every plate was scratched up.

    – Two titan racks
    – Drop-in bench
    – Bumper plates
    – Fat bar
    – Monolift attachment
    – 20/50/100# slam balls
    – Safeties
    – Step-up platform
    – Band pegs

    Everything was shipped fairly quickly, no scratches or dings, weights were within 1% for cheap bumpers, everything is level and plumb, no issues whatsoever.

  14. TheWhiteDevil AUS

    Sounds like they shipped the poles separately and sent 3 then you said you only got one so they sent another then the second one arrived then you side you need two so the third arrived then the extra one you asked for then the next extra one

  15. Robbie Knowles

    You seem like a cool dude Only have 1 ? Do people pay to workout at your gym or is it free Thank you.

  16. Noveleffect

    I was about to get a rack and bench from Titan fitness, and then I saw your video 😆 Rogue it is 👍 I don’t have the time (nor your strength lol) to deal with any complications with assembly. Rogue may be pricier, but I don’t mind paying more for a better quality equipment.

  17. ricardoconqueso

    I mean, if I was a competitive powerlifter/gym owner, I wouldnt use Titan either. I have far more admiration for Titan users who use their gym and actually lift something than people who do nothing. We should be encouraging "basic" home gym bitches. Your average homosapien doesnt need to lift much more than their own body weight.

  18. Bam Matthews

    I think my rant against titan put this on my algorithm. I'm still waiting for a dumbell set I ordered in 2019. I built a ton of their racks that don't line up. I install equipment for a living. I know some other companies that are missing pieces very often. But I won't say who because my boss still gets their equipment sent to the store.

  19. Maxim Aries

    Thx, appreciate the rawness. Will come back to review all other stuff lol besides sleds. Just got Titan FID Max bench, after reviewing all YouTube videos, it totally kicks ass, you can go heavy without wobbles, and decline without any impingement. Best value for these reasons. I don't work for them 🙏 Stay Lifted 💪. Hit me up if you got ?'s. p.s. . Not "grippy" upholstery like REP, but nice. Feels like something at Gold's, Fitness 19, or PF. Completely sufficient. I only had 500 bones for this item. Dead lift 4ever💪🔥🏆🍻

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