I Got A Personal Trainer For 30 Days

I Got A Personal Trainer For 30 Days
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I Got A Personal Trainer For 30 Days

“Why can’t we do something I like… like naps or brunch?”

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Brynn Langford

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  1. nialihG telpuaeB

    That seems so good and healthy to not make it about weight. But girl, you need a better sports bra, this ones are not doing it for you at all

  2. K Possum

    How did you find a personal trainer? I don't even know where to start. I used to belong to a gym pre-pandemic, went to classes, etc. I loved it.
    Haven't been to a gym since 😕 but I now have lots of pain in knees and feet, so basic things like walking just makes want to stop.
    I see I need help. I miss how good working out and moving made me feel. I do play tennis sometimes but I always know that I will pay for that joy after … such pain because I'm so heavy now and out of shape. And yes, my eating is the key but moment always helps me control my diet. Right now eating fills the emotional gaps. I just figure movement guided by a trainer might be a good start.
    So … how did you find a trainer?

  3. Tae's Rose

    How to get this kind of personal trainer in London, uk??

  4. minipax

    I think the personal trainer needs a personal trainer

  5. C2 McNaughton's

    To bad the persoanl trainer is setting her up for failure

  6. Asmita Walke 7

    She is so confident about her body that even we thing that she look beautiful the way she is

  7. Art Collecting with Ebonique Ellis-Boyd


  8. adam

    by the look of it her eating sessions probably burn more calories than her work out sessions

  9. carlos angulo

    Shes lowkey lazy you cant just expect people to tell you to work out,you have to do it cuz u want to

  10. Makayla Jade Evans Yazzie • MJEY

    It's HARD working out…it's even HARDER being over weight 💪🏻🖤 keep going, don't stop and you won't have to start again. I USED TO BE 250 now I'm 170, and still going

  11. jr al

    damn she's push up a lot than any skinny people I know even me…I'm feel weak

  12. VeggiePlant Bruh

    Man I'd love to have a personal trainer.

  13. Wood Dweller

    I am in need of a personal trainer but with social anxiety it’s kind of unobtainable. 😿

  14. Dusty Wilson

    jumping jacks for your flapjacks

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