I FAILED my 1 Hour Glucose Test!| 28 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect at your 1 hour glucose test

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Hello guysssss, come with me to my 28 week appointment where I go through the 1 hour glucose test! 😳 I did fail the first test so I’m going to have to go back soon for the 3 hour test 😭 Thank you so much for watching, if you’re new, please subscribe and join the fam 💞 Once we hit 200 Subscribers I will be having my SECOND giveaway, we’re super close!!

Xoxo, Leslie 💋

Lesbefriends😋 You can find me on—

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Name: Leslie🥰
Age: 23
Pregnancy update: 28 weeks aka 7 months 😱🤰🏻
Camera: iPhone 11 Pro
Subscriber goal: 200
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  1. mustbeleslieg

    I will be uploading a Vlog when I go hack for my 3 Hour Glucose Test! 😰 Make sure to subscribe and click on the little bell🔔 that way you’re always the first to know when I drop a new video.💞

  2. Yara A

    I failed my first glucose test and my weight gain is normal 😢

  3. إيلاف زنقوطي

    I think all body watch the video are Student nurse or Doctors 🤓😂


    Ur body is overthinking it and you just can’t handle looking at blood. For now on hold something in the other hand or talk to the nurse as the process to distract you so I won’t discuss you.

  5. Kdreamzherself

    Wow congrats hun cause what 16 to 17 months breast feeding your a beast i’m trying with my second born for sure my first i couldn’t get him to latch until the last minute he was a quick fast eater

  6. Brianna Fossceco

    girl you are not alone I absolutely hate getting blood drawn 😭


    Or I might purposely have cup in my bag


    I’m gonna low key go outside to throw some of the sweet drink away and dellute it with water

  9. Annalisa B.

    I hate getting my blood drawn too girl you’re not alone😰 I just had a test done 3 days ago but surprisingly it went smooth (other than the fact they had to poke both my arms cause I have small veins that are hard to find😭) I have a history with fainting during blood work so I have to lay down while it’s getting done which helps a lot, I’d recommend that since we get similar symptoms. I’m 17 weeks and I’m so excited to find out the gender next month!! 💕💕 congrats on the delivery btw

  10. KeepinUpWithCookie

    It taste like flat orange soda I drink these so quick 😂😂 I actually like the orange one I haven’t tried no other one

  11. Prxness_ Mamas

    I had mines today and I drank it within 1 to 2 mins or maybe 3 mins

  12. Adriana Estala

    That one was my favorite! It taste like Orange Fanta to me lol

  13. All Things Jah💜

    Congratulations!!!! Your little bundle of joy is almost here to make his entrance

  14. Anita Brown

    I’ll get some comfort and you’ll be OK I promise it hurts but I’ll be fine just don’t think about it OK you’ll be all right

  15. Anita Brown

    I am a kid but I had my blood drawn so you’re not alone

  16. Melissa Pimentel

    I passed out with my last son, my blood pressure went down bad and was hospitalized over night. But my blood sugar came back normal. So I understand 😩

  17. Lakyra LittleHawk

    My mom had twins and you guys had the same bag

  18. Buddy and me

    I needed to do this test 4 times, because the first 3 times I threw up 🤢 this f*cling drink is disgusting… In Germany this drink is really thick 🤮

  19. Teresa Lynn

    Team Ana all the way and team Ant all the way 💕💕💕💕

  20. It’s not a mistake it’s a MASTERPIECE

    Do u have to do the glucose test? 😅

  21. Trae' Shaun

    I bet that's the most nastiest thing probably taste like nasty sugary water

  22. Maria Rodriguez

    Your so strong I’m so proud of you ANA💜

  23. Khayr

    In the uk we say gestational diabetes test which at 28weeks

  24. ten

    Hi sis you are pregnant not drinking in coffee because not health with baby

  25. Soundsforthesoul

    Uhhh am I the only one trippin over the lady not wearing gloves when she was drawing her blood?!👀 but I hope you get good results back!❤️

  26. Angela

    Yeah I also got into a car accident while pregnant I was rushed to the hospital my child was fine but me no cuz I seriously got a head injury I busted my head cuz I was like my head went into the glass

  27. Brynn 🎄☃️

    Doctors: drink!!!! Hydrate! You need water in your body 😀

    Anna’s doctor: DO NOT DRINK

  28. Robert Guillen

    Blessings to you both and your future baby! Wishing you all the happiness and good health 🙏🏽

  29. Tonya Hillegass

    I just took my glucose test and failed the 1 hour one..and then had to do the 3 hour one! Then passed!

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