I built my DREAM HOME GYM | Full Home Gym Tour

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I built my DREAM HOME GYM | Full Home Gym Tour

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  1. The Beast

    you have fucking like a milion dolars plus and you build gym this small bro are you clown.. like 30m2 cmon idiot you need at least 100+m2 even i have bigger home gym and i dont have any money on me im poor

  2. sandersj32

    Looks sweet. Only question…what you do for temperature control? I didn’t see any duct work installation. You may not need it where you live, but it gets freezing where I live in the winter and miserable hot in the summer. Great series, loved watching it. My wife and I are doing a similar build soon. Cheers.

  3. paul oyeghe

    Home gym rout ..nor a show off trying to show off all the weights they bought

  4. BigC2323

    Cool gym but needs some contrasting colours. Everything is black looks stupid

  5. Katie Martin

    Where’s ur squat rank from?

  6. Menopimezzo

    Consider a Leg curl / Leg ext machine, It definiitely helps

  7. Gavin Peacock

    Hey Matt !

    I just uploaded my TOUGH Holiday theme garage gym workout ’12 Exercises of Fitmas’. 1 hour time cap. Come try it out, have some FUN and get FESTIVE in the GARAGE! Want to share with all garage gym / home gym owners! #MattDoesFitmas

  8. Denr

    How u gonna train your hamstrings in a leg day ?

  9. Connor McKay

    How much did this cost all in?

  10. Zubair Ahmed

    U need to add a bit more equipments like rubber straps for triceps or some cardio shit

  11. Zubair Ahmed

    Idk why people build h. Gyms when they already go gym

  12. Zubair Ahmed

    Matt on gymshark gym doing workout
    Matt also in home doing workout
    * which one will he do *

  13. Jack

    When you say I built my own gym you really mean I got other people to build it and then claim it as your own work 😆

  14. Michal Brodowski

    What cost is about that gym??

  15. Whitehat Whitehat

    -has kids
    -dumbell rack arriving = best day in life

  16. 5MYSOLUAP9

    Has this guy come out as a steroid user yet? Listen to what he says its so obvious.

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