Hyperglycemia Symptoms and Treatment | High Blood Sugar Symptoms | Hyperglycemia vs Hypoglycemia

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Hyperglycemia is a condition that requires emergency treatment. Typically, patients with diabetes get hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. Lack of sufficient insulin in type 1 diabetes patients can lead to high blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes patients get it when their body’s insulin is ineffective.

There can be several causes of high blood sugar, including:
Skipping or forgetting to take insulin
Consuming more carbohydrates
Exercising less than normal
The dawn phenomenon (early morning surge in hormones)

If you suspect hyperglycemia, it is essential to seek treatment immediately since it can lead to life-threatening conditions. Early hyperglycemia symptoms are blood sugar higher than 180 mg/dL, increased thirst, frequent urination, headache, and fatigue. If not treated immediately, it can lead to nerve, blood vessel, and organ damage.

There are not too many differences present between hyperglycemia vs hypoglycemia. While hyperglycemia is high blood sugar (greater than 180 mg/dL), hypoglycemia is low blood sugar (less than 70 mg/dL). If not treated immediately, both of them can have severe consequences and may even lead to death.

How is #hyperglycemia treatment done? Can hyperglycemia cause ketoacidosis and HHNS, which are severe life-threatening conditions? We answer all your doubts in the video!

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0:00 Intro
0:29 High Blood Sugar Causes
1:02 High Blood Sugar Symptoms
1:30 High Blood Sugar Complications
2:28 High Blood Sugar Treatment
2:50 Hyperglycemia vs Hypoglycemia

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  1. Faluyi Femi

    With doctor alued on YouTube herbal medicine I'm Diabetes free 🇺🇸💃

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    A very big appreciation goes to Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs medication and I now live a more comfortable life again.

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    Looks like I'm headed down that road, sugar reduction boom right now.🤠

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  5. #Lowrence Lr-103

    My father died with symptoms like
    2) Dizzy
    3) random thinking
    4) headache

    Is there any possibility of high insulin inject…?
    Please try to answer.

  6. #Lowrence Lr-103

    My father died with symptoms like
    2) Dizzy
    3) random thinking
    4) headache

    Is there any possibility of high insulin inject…?
    Please try to answer.


    My type 2 Diabetes experience was a very difficult one before I came across Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who gave me his herbs medication I used in getting rid of my Diabetes disease totally. All thanks to him.

  8. Deepthi Palamarri

    Hyperglycemia refers to high levels of sugar. Take control.

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    Diabetics must watch

  10. Nagendra Ande

    A handful video for diabetics.

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    Good video on high blood sugar.

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    Hyperglycemia Symptoms, causes, and treatments explained well.

  13. Ranjith Reddy

    Best Diabetes Care Hospital in Hyderabad

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    I suffer from diabetes and have faced the effects of long-term hyperglycemia. Need to be more careful!

  15. Prasad Chaitanya

    What is normal blood sugar? How much is high blood sugar?

  16. Anusha Sankaranarayanan

    Your health videos are saving me. Keep it coming!

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    Thanks for the inputs on hyperglycemia symptoms.

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