How to use Gym Machines! Upper Body

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Hey guys! This is a simple guide to help beginners use the gym machines such as a chest press, a lat pull down and a seated row.

Look out for the next video explaining the lower body machines!

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  1. Yared Arguello

    Awesome thank you for the tip!!! Yeah I’m just starting to build muscle and this video you made was a help!!!!

  2. Darrell Bennett

    Thanks brother u helped the first machine I knew it was for chest just really didn't know learning what days to go for certain parts

  3. DemonKingNemo

    Very informative but you should do more machines. I used to weight lift alot and took weight training in high-school but most was free weights and with being young you don't really care but the older I get the more I ache so proper knowledge is nice lmao

  4. C.J Rodriguez

    Walking into the gym and seeing all these machines is confusing at first

  5. Terry Easton

    Very informative, Alex! Thank you!

  6. joseph Charlie

    Bruh !!!You didn’t even include how to load the machines🤥.

  7. Shamanbear Two

    I joined a gym about 6 weeks ago after spending the entire lockdown working out at home. The gym is huge with 4 different lat machines I can think off. First thing I did was get out my notebook and make a list of the machines they had like Precor Converging Shoulder Press, Freemotion Lat, etc. Then, I went back to YouTube and found specific instructions for each and every machine showing how to properly set them up for my body. Along with that I got instructions on proper form for each machine. And one international bodybuilder showed me this cool thing to do with the most popular machine in the gym that no one else does so now I feel kind of cool even as a beginner.

  8. krissie flores

    How many reps/counts would be most beneficial?

  9. rekhamenon raghu

    Who are the makers of this equipment's AWESOME !!!

  10. TankGamingHD

    Thanks! Now I will look less stupid at the gym 😂😭😭

  11. Reohn Gordon

    With this equipment how long should we be spending on it how many mins?

  12. 5aab future

    We are gym machine manufacturer whats app if you need any gym machines +91-7888772825

  13. 10punchhman

    can you make avideo mentioning all the Push / Pull / and legs machines?

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