1. Srikumar Balachandran

    Hi could you tell me how I can convert the report from mmol/L to mg/dl ?

  2. Delta Pup Jux

    Tried so many times to no avail. The drivers will NOT install. Tried over and over to no avail. This programs sucks.

  3. Nicoletta Muzi

    Thank you, great help. Now its much clearer how to see the reports. I just wonder how one can insert own data, i.e. the insulin quantities during the day or the meal and carbohydrates consumption.

  4. Watches with Abdullah

    I'm surprised that there aren't that many tutorials on understanding this. I was just so lost in the beginning, but your explanation helped A LOT! Thank, mate! Stay connected!

  5. JM

    Thanks for this man. I just got my Libre 2, have cystic fibrosis related diabetes and this app and reader is a game changer compared to the old finger pricks I'm used to!

  6. Onye nmehie Ihe nagara nkeoma

    Thank you. Great video.

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