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The human urinary system comprises of a pair of kidneys, a pair of ureters, the bladder and the urethra that perform the basic functions of the body like filtering your blood , urine formation and blood pressure regulation.
Infection of any part of the urinary system is known as Urinary tract infection or UTI
Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a very common and painful human illness.
In the United States only , urinary tract infections account for nearly seven million office visits, 1 million emergency department visits, and 100,000 hospitalizations every year. The cost of these infections is significant both in terms of time lost at work and cost of medical care.
Even Hippocrates,( who is considered as the father of medicine)
wrote about this disease that appears to be a type of Urinary tract infection, and wrote that the illness could last for a year before it resolved or eventually worsened to involve the kidneys

Natural remedy against flu and viruses, only 4 ingredients

natural remedy against flu and viruses, only 4 ingredients May help to ease digestive discomfort. Ginger tea is probably most well-known for its potential to soothe digestive issues, and in particular for helping ease nausea.
May help to reduce blood pressure.
May aid weight loss.
Ease headaches and migraines.
Antioxidant rich.
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  1. Mary Garza

    My god yes !
    I felt a %better just knowing I not alone here ‘ peace of mind thanks !! But help

  2. Rat With Mayo

    It hurts like hell.
    I’m in so much pain I didn’t sleep at all.

  3. Hoegeniccc


    I don’t know if this is safe or not BUT I have a quick way that I make rhe pain and uncomfortable feeling go away. Simply take nonscented wet wipes and roll them up until they look like a long tampon. Then slide the wet roll up your 🐱 until it is almost all in. It feels so cold and conforming down there especially if you need to go to work. This literally does wonders and has changed my life. Thank me later!

  4. Grace Joshua

    I appreciate your determination in showing that you can healed me from Herpes virus Doc Kham on YouTube channel! Your herbal medication cured me from my simplex virus in two weeks, All glory to God and Doc Kham.

  5. Harold Lasswell

    I want to use this great opportunity to thank and recommend Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my herpes simplex virus permanently with his nature herbs supplements which I ordered from him.

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  7. Michelle W

    But I just started feeling the pulsating tonight. Not even an hour ago. I can’t go out at night. It’s too dangerous. The pulsating is killing me. Dr appt tomorrow

  8. Jane Marcus

    Special appreciation to Dr aluda on YouTube for treating my HPV and herpes virus with his herbal medicine. surgery is not the best option..

  9. Miss Kimberly Loviento

    I am going through it right now and the pain is unbearable…the antibiotics don't seem to be working😢😢😢what do I do???

  10. Loretta Flaherty

    I haven't had one in a while but rn it feels like someone is stabbing me in the vagina! Stores are closed, I'm out of cranberry and it's bad enough I can't sleep.

  11. Deshza Mayberry

    always pee after sex!!!! the one time I didn’t hv time to and I am paying the price and boy does it hurt

  12. Ava Lamoree

    When I first having a Uti I had to go pee every 15 minutes and it was hurting really bad and barely any pee came out and I also ended up having two accidents because of the UTI

  13. VEE VIZ

    I have chronic UTIS so the medicine part is very helping

  14. SHRESTHA ' s Art and craft

    I m also in this uti problem i have this problem from 2019 and no docter can slove this problem and when it pain sometimes i cry my parents ask that why you are going to toilet for more than 70 times i say my urine is paining so then they said drink water and then they give me a bowl and and put some ice on it and say put in your stomach for sometime it don't pain try this if you are in uti problem

  15. t3aXD

    only symptom i have is really painful pee, and i had it when i was like way younger so i don’t want this to happen again.

  16. Julia

    Usually it only lasts a day or two for me, but so far it's been a week and a lot of times it'll seem to go away by the end of the day and in morning it'll come back even worse.

  17. Sophie K

    At Wahlgreens store, they have an over the counter pill (Phenazopyridine) that numbs the bladder so you don't have to be in pain from the burning, while you wait for antibiotics to kick in. I asked my doctor about it when I had an UTI he told me it is just an over the counter item I was thrilled to be just be able to buy it and take it .Many women take D-mannose for general maintenance or for UTI . D-Mannose does allow bacteria to stick to your bladder it just slips out

  18. Roy Charlotte

    I understand exactly what you going through, I suffered UTI for 3 and half year's felt lot of pains, then a Friend of mine introduce me to Alternative Herbal treatment and cleanser which I tried in less than 3 weeks I was cured with no side effect. I recommend Doctor Isibor Alternative treatment and I know you will be fine too

  19. Rose Nzimonde

    Morning Chef Ricardo am watching from South Africa Johannesburg

  20. Hube Tofikmare

    Mom is really suffering from cold I am just 12 me and dad and my siblings was worried now we found this you are really a hero I am so grateful I appreciate you💖💖💖

  21. Davis Lawra

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  22. Jane Anthony

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  23. D Prince

    Being diagnosed with bad breath has been a major loss of money and has caused major problems in my

    immune system,but when I came across Dr. Osaka on YouTube Channel and he recommended his herbal medicine I got completely cured of bad breath .. Ever grateful

  24. Iliya Kurmi

    I don't really know how to thank you Dr odija channel for making me to live like my fellow mates and for curing me from HSV1 thank you so much may God always you and your work..,,,,,

  25. Chris Donaldson

    Great experience doc, you are a God'sent Dr Ebhariagbe on Youtube, keep up the good work, I am completely free from Herpes . , .

  26. Suswam Gerard

    I started taking the herpes medication I bought from Dr Ebhariagbe on YouTube and surprisingly it was working gradually and in 9days i was cured. I am really happy for everything that you have done for me and I pray that God strengthen you Dr Ebhariagbe ..

  27. Daniel Innis

    Before you put the lemon in did you cut the skin off???

  28. kurunatu bawa

    Living with the stigma of HSV 1 and 2 and not been able to have a healthy relationship was messing up my life until I got some super herbs from Dr odija channel I haven't had symptoms for some while now and planning to get another test done. Am grateful and advise you help yourself also,,

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  32. Laura Paige

    It's sound funny now cause lots of people still don't recognize Dr.akpamu on youtube who has the permanent cure for genital warts


    Thank you so much #drosaye, you have been a major help in my life, thank you so much for your herbal recommendation that permanently cured my genital herpes, you are a wonderful person thank you so much..

  34. abdullahi ismael

    This has been a challenge time, and I appreciate you so much Dr odija channel, you have created a life that I thought was lost, thank you so much grateful my sister's genital warts I am grateful,,,,,

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