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How to start your health and fitness journey. I am starting a 6 week reset challenge and am documenting everything from what I’m eating, my workout routine, my top tips & so much more!💪🏼

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1. WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (Healthy, Balanced & Vegan):…

2. GET FIT WITH ME (what i eat & how i workout):…


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Finding Balance: Nutrition Tools & Tips to Maximize Your Health and Fitness

NYU Langone senior clinical nutritionist, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, and sports health expert Samantha Heller shares creative and practical tips on how to keep your health on track in these challenging times.

Learn more about sports health:
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  1. zoë dodson

    your editing just keeps getting better and better! this was so good <3

  2. madhav bajgain

    I just follow your all steps ☺️, Love from Nepal ❤️

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  4. Mujadid Waja

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  5. Mujadid Waja

    And everything else will fall into place.

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  7. Petra Pecze

    I just found you channel but I love it😍 I am so excited to see all your videos and to being inspired by you!

  8. Chyna wov

    what gym does she go to? i want to try it.

  9. Rasel Hossain

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  10. Lauren Moore

    This is my 2021 inspiration video !!!!! 💞💞

  11. LivingFit

    Love this way of eating, teaching, and understanding nutrition.


    This was soo helpful for me…. I'm beginning my health and fitness journey and this has cleared some doubts and Misconception about certain foods…. Thank you

  13. DailyFacts

    Thanks very helpful , this can help too

  14. divna ostojic

    What is this woman name? Thank you! 💜

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  20. Danny Fournier

    I am taking whey protein 3X a day in my gastrol peg with the liquid diet that my nutritionist has me pumping into my stomach. I crash less than an hour after eating . They do blood tests and tell me I'm getting a nutritionally balanced diet but I think I'm missing something to be flat tired all the time. I do have anaemia along with muscular dystrophy. Any suggestions?

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