How To Start a Fitness Clothing Line | Top Tips & Mistakes I Made

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Hey Peeps,

So as I mentioned, I wanted to take you along on the journey of creating my new Clothing Line. So here is a Start Up Guide for anyone looking to start their own Clothing Line with all my top tips from experience along with the MISTAKE I made that I would want you to avoid.

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  1. Sunshine Designs and More

    Your video helps and makes sense. I am looking searching, seeking, and inquiring to start my own fitness clothing brand. I've had bad experiences with Alibaba. If you can help or just point me in the right directions this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Nessacek

    Soo much value in a FREE video!! Explained everything I needed to know! Thankyouu!

  3. Mozzy2 LLC2

    thank you for this valuable information.

  4. Josh Llaneta

    What’s your clothing line brand called then?

  5. geraldine pearson

    You’re funny
    Thank you
    I truly enjoyed

  6. Shane Marr

    I honestly just want to make my own gym wear for me 😅

  7. Oleg Demidov

    This is super on point!! Gave me great insight for my line im working on. And the alibaba portion was so on point!!! Describes my exact scenarios with alibaba

  8. Neeman126

    Would you suggest me to get into a fitness clothing brand at this time?


    Hi Gabriel, maybe a weird question.. but still going to ask hopefully you can help me.

    I’m searching for Nylon Spandex material (gymwear for woman) I searched on google and I don’t know where to start.. literally I have no any idea.. a lot of sites/links.. a friend of my he told me to look for fabrics of Portugal but at the same time I don’t know where.. I already got my sketches but do I have to find the fabric first or should I go to the Manufacturer and decided them about the fabric?

  10. Shail Sports

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  11. ET TAN

    Brief Summary

    Brand Pillars

    1. What problem you want to solve (see a gap in a market)
    2. Who’s your target audience (ideal person to buy this item, age range, hobby (golf, horse riding)- give them a name)
    3. What’s your elevator pitch (what’s your clothing about – a nutshell what your business about)
    4. What word describes your brand best (sporty, retro)

    Do not rush, take couple of days if you need to.

    1. Apparel or Clothing (apparel branding on someone clothing, clothing branding on own creation)
    2. Put everything in a scrap book or a single document for you to keep track where you have been to (texture, style, logo, everything)

    Do not rush. It’s ok if you don’t have a logo yet.

    Do not spent so long in logo. Product branding and quality does the branding, not the logo.

    Create your master piece.
    – you don’t have to be good at drawing (just see other people’s template, or ask people to do it)
    – ask that type of person about their opinion (can go to fivr etc)

    – tech pack and spec sheet
    – tech pack: details of your product showing inner drawings (the stictch, placement of logo)
    – spec sheet: measurement need to create product (chest, shoulder, pocket, length)
    – put money aside for people to do for you, if necessary
    – fabric: go online to fabric shop, can pick what material you want. Understand what kind of fabric does. (He found on Alibaba and Clothing Conventions in London)

    7 tips to stop you from getting burnt
    1. Go to Alibaba and see, create a shortlist, tell them you have measurements, design and send them. (You will receive bunch of it)
    2. What’s your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantify)
    3. Show as much detail as possible
    4. If they ask for money, block them
    5. If they ask for more detail
    6. Ask to see actual product picture (see if they can give you the same thing as their picture)
    7. Video call them in WhatsApp (see their office or workplace environment)

    Then ask for sample prices (ask them to give you sample product before they ask you to sign on bulk order)

  12. Alex and Sammi

    Really like this video. It has a lot of good value and insights. One question. didd you check out They produce high quality active wear and use sustainable materials.

  13. Pompadour Prince

    incredible info. I wrote up a business plan a few months ago and have been following it well. But every now and then I like to go to youtube and see where everyone else is at and what they have to say about these things. It keeps my mind fresh and motivated. Everything I have on my business plan is something you have said. It's nice knowing that I have the same ideas, mindset, and experience as someone so much further than me. You have also offered up some information that I did not know of yet so there is a lot of value in this video for me. Awesome work, awesome character, and awesome attitude. Thanks for an incredible video. I hope someone whos scared of the industry or skeptical of who to listen to reads my comment and gets reassured that this is great information.

  14. Sam Tavoosian

    Hi guys, I launched my sportswear business right before covid and now I decided to sell it because my other business grew exponentially. The Manifacturer is in china and reliable. You can simply take this line and expand it quickly. This is a great opportunity for someone who ones to skip the outsourcing the Manifacturer, building the website, social media, logo and branding. Also the business comes with around 1400 pieces of inventory included. Check out the website and contact me at for more info

  15. IGcarism_atique clickmehh

    Thank you soo much for the knowledge my brotha! SUSCRIBED.

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