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Three mums talk about their children’s Type 1 diagnosis, how to spot the symptoms and the importance of taking your child to a GP for an immediate blood glucose test if you spot any of the symptoms (toilet, tired, thirsty, thinner).

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  1. Wesley Hinson

    Type1 diabetes has always been so difficult for me to understand, even though I've learned about it several times. i got cured with remedy from Dr oyalo channel. conact him for cure remedy too. I’m completely cured and free from cardiac disease

  2. XxMeh xX

    My 14 year old sister was sent to the hospital on an ambulance for a seizure and they later found out she had type 1 diabetes after the few months before showing symptoms and acting like she was fine when something was up. She has been in the hospital for a month and a week because of her psychosis which was also diagnosed and also that she unfortunately got corona virus so she is isolating at the hospital.

  3. Curtis Bemis

    My primary doctor refused to look at my clucose monitor which I had been taking my sugar three times a day for 5 months because I was anorexic , as they said . But the numbers were really high and I nearly died because of there neglect if I haven't went to a different hospital I would have died . when I went it the new hospital they asked me what happened. I told them and that I had a meter they took it away and gave it to the doctor immediately and within an hour I was diagnosed type 1 . Almost lost my life because of the laziness of doctors . Please fight for yourself . They do care if you live or die

  4. Tracey Threadgall

    I have a few symptoms should I be worried

    I drank 4 litres of water today and I normally drink under 1 litre. I’m going to the toilet 3 times in an hour and I’m so tired but I’ve just gone back to school so am I just tired from the sudden schedule

  5. Oreo Cookie

    I have some symptoms like:
    -Weight Loss without even trying
    -Mushy poo that has been going on for like months but No blood in it
    -Feeling thirsty and dehydrated even though I drink a lot of water
    -Feeling sleepy/fatigued almost everyday even though I sleep regularly
    -I also feel hungry and eat a lot but still not gain weight
    anyone please tell me about these symptoms of mine It's making me scared and panic I don't know if it's something worse what really concerns me is the mushy poo that has been going on for months it's concerning me

  6. Sexy Lato

    I was going through pains while I contracted Type 2 Diabetes and then I came across how Dr IGUDIA on YouTube used his medication to cure the sick and I decided to contact him and he actually cured me from my Diabetes. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his YouTube channel

  7. Affinity plays

    Can someone answer my questions? (q1) For about a few weeks I have been feeling like shit. Just recently my dads girlfriend daughters diabetic alert dog pawed at my 3-4 times and was whining. She said he does that when her sugar is really high, and I have horrible headaches. I passed out a few times in my bed while on my phone during the day after not being tired and getting an okay sleep. But went pee about 6-7 times within 40-50 mins apart. I start shaking sometimes and feel the need to eat and feel better but not full enough. I don't drink water but I have been drinking ALOT of it and my mom thinks I fake things and if I say I don't feel good she says I am fine. Should I ask my dad to take me to urgent care? (Q2) I checked my sugar with my sister who is T1 and it runs in my family. My sugar was 200 almost 300. Then about 3 hours after my head was hurting and I felt dizzy so I looked again it was 50. So I ate an applesauce like my sister does when he sugar is low. I am 14 what do I do?

  8. Mariella C

    this completely matches up with me, but i have gastroparesis so i can’t drink a lot even when i’m sooo thirsty

  9. Gemma Ainsworth

    My son (8 years old) was diagnosed 23/06/21. He had ALL the signs, but we had absolutely no idea due to the lack of awareness. He was in DKA but thank goodness our dr was on the ball and we were sent straight to a and e. A week in hospital and we’re home trying to get into a new normal of finger pricks and multiple injections of insulin. It’s devastating but I feel incredibly lucky that he’s still with us, not all children will be as fortunate 😢
    I hope in future there will be more awareness of type 1 in children, it could save lives

  10. Johnson Clark

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  11. Sequoia Iona

    i’m 17, and have been feeling extra tired along with dizzy whenever i stand up. i’ve also been having to pee about 4 times before i go to bed and during the night. Whenever i eat food i feel extremely hungry right after and my stomach even growls but i don’t have excessive thirst. i’ve just been worried mainly because i just never feel good and i haven’t had a day where i feel 100% recently anymore, and i’ve been really frustrated lately and forgetful. i’ve brought it up to my parents but no one takes me seriously so i don’t really know what to do, i can be overthinking it but idk

  12. penelope

    my mouth is still thristy and dry even after I drink water. And my parents say I lost weight do I have diabetes? 😥

  13. Mia jones

    I am a type 1 diabetic, i was diagnosed when I started losing weight without any reason. I was taken to doctor where he did a couple of tests and he told us that I was a t1D. Since then i have been on insulin injections two times a day and have been monitoring sugars through blucon nightrider with freestyle sensor which keeps me updated every 5 minutes, so life is simple on that part

  14. Takit SilverBeltt—

    My mom literally thought it was puberty too. Ive had type one for about 5-6 months

  15. Stormforce999

    My son aged 12 has just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, so much of the video rings true all the warning signs were there looking back (the thirst, urinating more, losing weight etc).
    My son's blood sugar level were over 40 and he was very very ill with DKA, at the time of writing this he's still in hospital but thankfully on the road to recover thanks to the amazing work of the NHS in the UK.

    It can happen to anyone, we have no family history of type 1, please if you are watching please take note of the what is in this video

  16. Melyssa Collins

    Just awful. Thanks for the information. My nephew is 8 and in the hospital with type 1 diabetes so I’m learning about it. So scary.

  17. Thereal Rawf

    I’m feeling so thirsty it’s like the first day just drank 2 litres and I’m so hungry am gonna go get tested I’m 💯 percent sure I have type 1

  18. Chris Unity

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  19. 35 janhavi parag Patil

    I am 11 and i have vomiting 6 days ago and i am hungrier

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