How To Set Up Your Own Home Gym On A Limited Budget (Big Brandon Carter)

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How To Set Up Your Own Home Gym On An Limited Budget

1. Weight Lifting floor Mats

2.Weight Set with Dumbbells

3. Doorway Chin-Up Bar… by Maximum Fitness Gear

4. Ripcords Resistance Exercise Bands


6.Ab Wheel



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Finally! A full gym tour of my home – GanbaruHQ. Take a look inside and I’ll show you all of the equipment, design concepts & share all the backstory behind how it came together.

Pendulum Squat Overview –
High Row Overview –


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00:00​​ – Timestamps because Uncle Eugene cares about your short attention span
00:33 – How I Got This Gym
06:34​​ – The Empty Shell of My Gym
07:30​ – Acoustic Treatment of the Gym for Your Listening Pleasure
08:58​ – Powerlifting & BJJ Platform
10:17 – What does Ganbaru Mean?
11:34 – Gym Equipment & Why I Chose It
14:24 – Leg Zone – Hack Squat, Pendulum Squat, Leg Press, Glute Drive, Calf Raise
15:22 – Isolation Leg Zone – Nordic Curl, Leg Curls, Leg Extension, Abduction/Adduction
15:45 – Nerd Talk – Cams & How Machines Work
16:55 – Back Zone – Prime Machine Rows, T-Bar Row & Hammer Strength Row
18:36 – Old School Zone – Nautilus First Generation
19:51 – Squat Rack/Power Rack & Barbells – Eleiko
21:45 – Dumbbells – Ivanko
22:38 – Can I Come Train Here?

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  1. Jonathan Burns

    Yo BBC, I watch your videos a lot and you really help my lifting. You're right about building home gyms over time. Weight is weight man it doesn't matter the cost. Keep grinding bro!

  2. Jack Erickson

    please get rid of that terrible intro

  3. Hanksta Muscle

    Check out my home gym on my channel.

  4. PSA69Charizard

    god damn dude. 6'2 180???? I'm 6'3 180 and I'm a freakin skeleton. 

  5. Milton Jackson

    Great advice, Brandon! I enjoy your vblog..

  6. Alex Perez

    Great home gym bro, you give good tips.

  7. Brad’s H

    is it better to workout when you wake up or when youre about to go to sleep?

  8. Tudor Verde

    Home gym and calisthenics and some martial arts – the way to go man ! Great info Brandon !

  9. Viktor Vrečič

    Hey Brandon! I just got a kettlebell cuz I dont have a big room. They say if you have a kettlebell, it's like a home gym. Do you have some exercises for me man? By the way, this my fav youtube channel! You get it done, simple, effective

  10. ab00dy0

    i'm 5'6, 16 years old, do I start working out, or will that affect my height or stunt my growth? please help.

  11. Thomas P

    Excellent tips. Give me tips for some things to take to my freshman college dorm room. I own a GoFit pullup bar for doorway and a TKO situp bench. I was skeptical of the abs wheel but you sold it (or your abs sold it!). But other tips?

  12. EternalSoldier87

    Why was your old account blocked? New channel I see.

  13. XTheSpartanX7

    Bro big brandon i heard on the fortysixth st podcast that you are updating the highlifeworkout plan. I hope you are in the process cause i really like the way you train.

  14. chris magali

    I work out at home as well. I know some people that got a bunch of equipment at their homes, but they still choose to go to a gym to get it done. That's just crazy. I think it's all about being creative.

  15. TheKen2942

    This great , I'm thinking of doing like you s0on

  16. eugene teo

    Drop whatever other questions you have about my gym for me into the comments! Hope you guys enjoy the video 🕺

  17. Ben Kent

    Hi Eugene. Great set up. I've been looking for a Cybex 45 degree leg press for my gym with no luck. Do you know where I might find one?

  18. Meitar

    The assisted Nordic machine looks amazing. Great video you gained a new sub 🙂

  19. Kris Srinivas

    Looks amazing mate, congrats!! I loved the design and the thought you put into making it. Having that huge space and tall ceiling, how come you didn't go for a rope?

  20. jared benson

    cool gym but you talk wayyyyyy too much

  21. Kevin Carter

    Hey Eugene do you have any cardio machines?

  22. Shawn Ellis

    Just watching this video made me calm & content while going beast mode. Amazing

  23. peter tantono

    Too bad you are too far. I would’ve totally stopped by.

  24. jmagnum15

    Very cool gym, but I can't completely get behind the argument against power rack/barbell training. If anything, this helps make clients even more aware of their form/mechanics which would translate even better to machines, cables, etc. And there are so many bars that help mitigate injury such as safety squat bars, multi-grip camber bars, among others. I was also a little insulted on the dig against urethane dumbbells, haha. Yes, they may appear a bit bland, but they are mostly zero maintenance (important consideration for those with less climate control in their workout spaces) and will hold up in appearance over the long haul. Thanks for sharing, rest looks great.

  25. BramBramBram

    I love how there is no ego involved in everything Eugene says. Always nice to see people who really love what they do in life.

  26. Ayaan Rustagi

    This might be the most well rounded and beautiful gym on earth 🌎

  27. TantalumRocks

    Off the topic: I hate how most gyms play their techno music way too loud. I have complained to my own gym (sorry to be a Karen) but they don’t care. I don’t think most members want to hear techno at 5am when they’re trying to focus on their workout. I just bought noise canceling headphones in the end.

  28. papa mito

    This video seems like him trying to explain to his parents why he used their credit card to buy that game, it's okey bro you bought that gym we don't mind, you won't get punished by us for doing so.

  29. Dan Birch

    Articulate in your vision, aesthetic and communication; love it. Probably the best skill set to have as a teacher, you clearly have found your calling.

  30. Per Mol

    Just show the gym, already! god dammit!

  31. Brett Harper

    I think you might be the only person on the planet other then a home theatre enthusiast or music producer in a studio that appreciates the acoustics of a space, I just want to experience your space to see what every other gym is missing out on. Well done.

  32. The Superhero Maker

    It would be awesome to talk about how much the entire setup cost

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