How to prevent weight gain in diabetes? – Dr. Shankar Kumar

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One of the most common symptom with high blood sugar levels is weight loss. Patient can lose up to 2 kgs with high blood sugars. Once the patient is put on right medication and maybe insulin as he has lost a lot of weight, it is very important to start the patient on insulin. So once the blood sugar levels are attained, then patient will regain the lost weight or he will not lose further weight. The complication with insulins is low sugars or hypoglycemia and the second thing is weight gain. With the newer insulins, we use low does of insulin or long acting insulin, the weight gain is minimal. If too much of insulin is used, patient can put on weight. This can also be minimized with a proper diet pattern. Most of the time, the weight gain is due to hypoglycemia, overeating in order to correct the hypoglycemia or the patient not having a control on his diet..
If the patient has a knowledge on his diet, specially if he follows the low calorie foods and take foods that are rich in fibers, avoid hypoglycemia, eat sensibly at the right time, then hypoglycemia can be prevented with the appropriate dose of insulin and the weight gain can be minimized. If the patient is metabolically very active and needs only basal insulin, then the weight gain is not higher..

Let’s unpack what happens when our body receives more energy than it needs, how this can lead to weight gain and what you can do to decrease your risk of cancer.
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    Sugar leads to weight gain, resulting in more heart disease, diabetes, and more of 13 different cancers. Wow! Most people's priority lie elsewhere, while obesity explodes as the new normal.

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