How To: Organize Type One Diabetes Supplies

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How I keep all my type one diabetes supplies organized!
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I’ve decided to change the way I get my CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) supplies! I now get a 90-day CGM supply delivery from US MED rather than directly from the manufacturer.

US MED is a white-glove medical supply company which means that they take care of everything. I get 90-day supplies delivered safely and conveniently to my home.

I no longer have to deal with my insurance company, call my doctor for a prescription, or worry about remembering to order new supplies, they take care of it all.

It’s a free service and it only took one 12-minute phone call to set up!
In this video, I’ll take you through my experience switching to US MED and why I think it’s a great service.

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PRODUCTS MENTIONED: US MED, Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)


DISCLAIMER: This video was sponsored by US MED, but all opinions are my own and are based on my use of the service.
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  1. Shauntaye Cooper

    Us med didn’t take my insurance but I find a company who did

  2. Tsmoke1414

    I saw my endocrinologist on the morning of 9-21 and asked about switching to the Tslim. I had my pump supplies and my Dexcom g6 supplies the afternoon of 9-30

  3. Dwight L

    Just became aware of your channel via your interview with Tom on his channel Type One Talks. I'm on Medicare and get my pump and CGM supplies from another on-line provider. Dealing with Medicare though puts another hurdle into the run. I can get a 90 day supply of pump supplies but only a 30 day (3 sensors) supply for CGM at a time. You MUST see your doctor every 90 days. I got my CGM while on Medicare. For whatever reason I was getting my sensors on the day it needed changing. Order placed on the 29th in my case and UPS delivered on the 1st. Problem happens when the 29th falls on a weekend or holiday. Seems the "systems" can't handle that inevitability. Couple of occurrences where I had to run a day or two without CGM. Worst was when there was a snowstorm and UPS could not deliver. Went five days without on that one. Calling the on-line provider and Medicare about this problem resulted in each pointing the finger at the other for the problem and me getting the finger. Since learned to restart my Dexcom sensors and I now have four sensors on hand at the moment. Thought I'd give the seniors that may see your post a heads up. Liking your channel BTW. Subscribed.

  4. Lakisha Patrick

    Hi, how much was your supplies, if any and what was the quantity?

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