How To NOT Have Crusty FEET! Foot care 101! Must SEE for Summer

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Welcome Back my Loves !!!

So Glad you are back for another video. Todays vid is all about Feet!!! Lets stop hating our feet !!!! xoxo

Lush Softy Lotion
Lush volcano foot mask
Febreze fabric spray
Fenty Beauty Body Lava in brown sugar

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  1. Jacqueline Hernandez

    I love your videos! I just recently found you, but a lot of your tips are reminders of my mom’s tips. We grew up with a lot of money limitations, yet not once did she lack self care and hygiene. She couldn’t go to the salon for a lot of things, but she always had nail polish, pumice stones, lotions and what not in stock. She would buy plastic tubs from the 99cent store and place hot water in them for an at home pedicure. She has always been so girly and even though I lacked her etiquette growing up, I am so glad I rediscovered it

  2. Chris Bartley

    I use the ordinary lactic acid 10% twice a week to ensure proper exfoliation of my feet. I also top this with kerasal. And yes Ten white toes in them Tory flip flops

  3. Lila

    I'm two years late, but great tips. I love to take care of my feet. The only shoe that make my feet smell a little are the canvas shoes I don't even know why. I don't use Febreze I just put two bags of tea in each shoe and work perfectly.

  4. Danny Rodriguez

    As a guy I needed these tips. I took bits and pieces of your advice that could apply to a male. Thank you ✨🌙

  5. Norma Paredes

    I have Siatica and can't really scrub my feet. I need help.

  6. Pritesh Ruthun

    Sent this to my wife. She knows about my foot fetish since we met and loves keeping her feet perfect. This helps a lot.

  7. tobiernotobie

    Great video!💖💖💖💖

  8. Raven's Closet

    Can I get an Amen who doesn’t want to sparkle 👠👠👠👠

  9. fathima

    1) get pedicures done often
    2) choose nail colors like white for medium to darker skin tone and if you want to take a bright or different color, match them with your hand nails. colors like royal blue, green and purple for fair skin tones.

    3) do not wear shoes or socks from the day before without washing them, change your socks, wash your feet well, smelly feet = crusty feet

    4) best way to treat callouses is with a scrub/ exfoliator and lotion, don’t use the scrapper tools.

    5) use feet masks, take good care of your feet esp during summer

    6) Use air freshener for your shoes

    7) Shave feet hair

    8) Use the fenty body lava

  10. Oscar Velazquez

    Well I'm a man with a footfetish this got my attention just want it to see here beautiful feet & personally it does matter that your feet are healthy well being sexy pedicures all the way till the next life

  11. Maja B

    LADIES Best tips for soft feet:
    1: use salicylic acid wash on them! kills the bacteria so even if you sweat your feet will never smell bad. Helps a lot with "athlete's foot" as well. Also its mildly exfoliating.
    2. Urea cream. Exfoliating and extremly softening for the feet.
    I do this and always have the softest feet. Never need to use an agressive scrub on them to get them soft. Only scrub gloves once i a while 🥰

  12. J W

    The second video of yours I've watched Now,and I'm aware they are aimed at women but this one especially appeals to men also! Fantastic advice,thank you very much,you look amazing from head to toe. Peace and love from Liverpool England ✌️❤️🇬🇧

  13. patricia

    i just bought white nail polish. girl im so excited this shit gonna look so good on my brown skin

  14. Bella novia

    Girl your channel is a blessing on all women ❤️

  15. Maureen R.

    Foot scrapers are a lot safer than the gel pedicures and gel manicures you get. That stuff is dangerous and it destroys your real nail.

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