How to lower blood pressure immediately at home and naturally

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How to lower blood pressure immediately at home and naturally

Learn how to lower blood pressure immediately at home and lower blood pressure naturally!

High blood pressure, or hypertension, rarely has noticeable symptoms. But if untreated, it increases your risk of serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

The only way to find out if your blood pressure is high is to have your blood pressure checked.

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It’s not always clear what causes high blood pressure, but there are things that can increase your risk.

You might be more at risk if you:
• Are overweight
• Eat too much salt and do not eat enough fruit and vegetables
• Do not do enough exercise
• Drink too much alcohol or coffee (or other caffeine-based drinks)
• Smoke
• Do not get much sleep or have disturbed sleep
• Are over 65
• Have a relative with high blood pressure
• Are of black African or black Caribbean descent
• Live in a deprived area

Making healthy lifestyle changes can sometimes help reduce your chances of getting high blood pressure and help lower your blood pressure if it’s already high.

These lifestyle changes can help prevent and lower high blood pressure:
• Reduce the amount of salt you eat and have a generally healthy diet
• Cut back on alcohol
• Lose weight if you’re overweight –
• Exercise regularly
• Cut down on caffeine
• Stop smoking

Some people with high blood pressure may also need to take 1 or more medicines to stop their blood pressure getting too high.

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About this video: Searching how to lower blood pressure immediately at home? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares how to lower blood pressure naturally!
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  1. AbrahamThePharmacist

    Blood Pressure Monitor Pro app NOW FREE! Download today for Apple: and Android

    Join thousands of users who are able to see what lifestyle changes they can make to improve their blood pressure, learn what their readings mean, and track trends. Download the app today from your app store and start monitoring your blood pressure like a pro!

  2. Pliska Farm

    Talking for 45 seconds about how you're GOING to help me lower pressure "immediately" is stressful bro, I feel like my brain aneurysm is about to rupture waiting for you to stop talking about healthy lifestyle..

  3. Nickyplayz23

    I have high blood pressure even though I have a healthy ish life style. Maybe the stress idk but I walk and run at least 1 mile everyday

  4. Zakariya ali

    Can I get any advice? Am 26 years of age and for the past two years my blood pressure has been going up and down. It normally ranges between 120/70-140/76. A few months back I lost a lot of weight due to a bad diet and eating almost twice a day sometimes once and surprisingly my blood pressure was 117/65. Now that I started working out and eating more healthily, Mmy blood pressure has gone up to the previous numbers between 120/70-140/76. When I wake up it’s 126/68 after I eat or walk a bit it goes to 135/75. Can anyone help, please? Thank you.

  5. Popartistry

    I'm 64 I'm vegan, zero processed foods, zero salt intake I exercise daily and I do Qigong twice a day. I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, I drink alkaline water per my weight. I'm 5"6' and 140lbs zero caffeine and my BP is out of control. I was given Amlodipine to manage it but it's making my ankles swell uncomfortably. I have prostate cancer and every three months I am given a hormone blocker. December is my last one. I drink herbal tea with zero caffeine. In the am my pressure is usually around 160/92 or higher. With zero meds around 5pm it's around 130/78 naturally. I have no Drs appointments around 5p so they only see the big numbers. I have told my primary care Dr of the weird variations but it is dismissed. My goal is to be a Solo Skydiver 🪂🪂🪂🪂 and I want to inspire people with that. However, this BP situation is scaring the living….. Out of me.
    HELPPPP 🥺🥺🥺😳😳😳

  6. Herbert Mosavel

    Interesting to watch but that screeching of that marker on paper. Don't do that please.

  7. Atlas the Titan

    So it’s fine if I drink non caffeinated soda?

  8. Don Buys Houses $Cash$

    Also Avoid McDonald's, they put too much salt in their foods.

  9. JTheMan

    Could having a boot shaped heart cause high blood pressure?

  10. John davidson

    This is so lovely & thank you sir for giving your valuable to all the viewers who watch your videos and follow your regime along with Arjun Tea that is so useful in the management of high blood pressure with no side effects.

  11. Ephraim Camacho

    Thank for all the great info!!! Great video too!!

  12. Maria Mmm

    I accidentally came across this video and decided to check my blood pressure – 155/90! I always thought I was fine with my blood pressure. Now I understand why I've got such a bad headache. My mother has been suffering hypertension for ages, she advised me to try Cardiform. She says nothing helps as good as these capsules. I will try to take the course, I hope it will help.

  13. Hexe Barya

    Doc Abraham what should I do my heart races whenerver I work I mean if I exert much effort but accdg to my 2decho results my heart is normal

  14. Susan Ilene Summers

    I do drink a lot of coffee I also don't get much sleep I stay up until about 4 in the morning sometimes but sometimes I don't get sleep because they make a lot of noise where I am it's hard to get back to I have tried to exorcise but like I said it brings my blood pressure up instead of bringing it down I just now got something to diet with it's called keto gummy so is trying to see if that would help me but I can't do too many diets because I do have Crohn's disease which is in remission right now like I said I can't do too many diets because it ends up flaring it up.

  15. 3% milk

    I’m 24, very fit I play basketball 3 times a week, And I eat relatively healthy. I can’t get my bp to go down and it’s causing me to have very bad headaches. It’s been like this for over a year. My job is stressful but I don’t think it’s the only cause I don’t know what to do to lower it, I don’t want to take medication yet.

  16. Sandobaby

    Mine is at 150/98 but every time im about to take it i start getting a panic atack -.- my breathing becomes all wrong and i feel dizzy

  17. Jon Jon

    Wim Hof meditation lowers my BP from 150 and 140 to 120 or lower immediatelly, but It seems temporary. Im still going to the heart doctor doing doppler and Holter exams. Ive been experience little dizzyness and shortness of breath after hardly making Minor effords that I did months ago. Im 34 and fit, I wanna get back working out (moderately-heavily as soon as I feel Im capable of)

  18. God has entered into my body, as an angelic body!


  19. Greg Steubs

    3 pharmaceutical sheep that have no idea what is normal BP.

  20. Don Holt

    Why no discussion about LOW blood pressure?

  21. PlattLaneEnd

    Love these guys – they pitch everything at the right level, and deliver it with a sense of humour too!
    Greetings from Manchester, England.

  22. Brandon Near

    @ 3:38 – "…because they weren't made for that…" – Well there ya go! I'm sure not everyone will get that but some most certainly know exactly what I am talking about

  23. Robert Schulz

    You guys are my Go To for Understanding the world of all things medical. Brad and Paul you both have hearts of GOLD. May GOD bless you both

  24. Crusader Latin

    As soon as I heard them say that normal blood pressure was 120,80 for everyone I took them for idiots. A 5 ft,man and a 6,7 foot guy cannot and should not have the same blood pressure!! Think about it. Normal blood pressure is dependent on the person.

  25. Matt Morris

    Well when I can afford to go to the doctor my blood pressure is not to bad, but when I can’t my blood pressure is around 180/115 and as high as 205/120.

  26. Michael McMurray

    I think Doctors get jipped by not being trained in nutrition. Doctors are taught to diagnose and treat. Pivoting directly to treatment is a shame. Lifestyle recommendations come first. Now, most Doctors will encourage lifestyle adjustment but mostly always pivot to drugs for treatment. Now, seeing that most people do not possess a high agility to change habits, its understandable why doctors prescribe.

    There's so much more to blood pressure and you may claim that BP is MY responsibility, but its YOUR responsibility to understand who and what you're dealing with. Everyone has a different gut microbiome, so why recommend a blanket treatment? Why not get more specific based on who the patient is as a unique set of DNA?

    I digress.

    Genetics, consumption, exercise and sleep are the best areas of focus for improvement.

    Says this 64 year old male with a BP of 135-140/80. I have NO diseases. I exercise (retired competitive athlete), sleep like a boss, on a "close to the original form" diet, with some light plaque in my LAD, and other areas. My father died at 75 from eschemic CVD, and my mother died at 96 from old age (on zero meds).

    My doctor wants me on a pill.

    I said no.

    My arteries are a little stiffer(2 stress tests told me that), my stroke volume is still great, my resting HR is 54, and my BMI is 19.

    Im gonna die. But why take a pill to "keep it perfect" when there's really nothing life threatening … Other than my genetics on my father's side. Ill gladly sacrifice a year or three to remain side effect free.

    Not many people think like me.

  27. line brunelle

    my rest BP is 102/65. lol I'm fat, over 60, with lots of issues. But not BP

  28. Carl Carlson

    Thank you for the video! In my 20s I used to have perfect 120/80 BP but as I am aging (over 30 now) a lot of times during my home measurement I am having 130-135 over 80 (which usually gets lower to 125/80 after several minutes of sitting still in a couch and re-doing the BP measuring), my doctor is not concerned at all and says "it is normal for my age". My whole family line has high BP medications (but they started taking those at the age of 50+), should I worry about the BP if it is in 130-135 range or not yet?

  29. Sonic’s

    Do you have any suggestions on controlling coronary artery spasms?

  30. Radu Nicolae

    140/100 at 59 yo, how does it sound? Should i take pills, thx

  31. hcwbw3

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but measurements can be a funny thing. A measurement is better than no measurement, that said a "foot" used to be the size of the "Kings" foot and so what happened when the king was replaced? Sphygmomanometer aka. the blood pressure cuff measures in mm of "Hg" mercury except most if not very many Sphygmo. are Aneroid that use no mercury. Another little issue is that Bp measurements is a "technique" dependent number usually delegated to a nurse assistant or down the line to the floor sweeper (no disrespect to the cleaning staff) so now we are left with the question, how do we know that which we think we know is true and to what extent? A for instance blood sugar readings (little side trip) for comparison needed. So in the Clinical Lab, we use "standards" commercially produced material (liquid) that is known to have 40, 80, 120, 200, 500 mg/dl of glucose (blood sugar) to make a standard curve which is what we use to calibrate the instrument to arrive at a blood sugar reading. Additionally we run quality controls material that is known "statistically" to have an average values "means" of 80 mg/dl of glucose and our instrument must recover a value with in 2 standard deviations and comply to a set of rules "Westgard" that is going into the weeds so I will leave it there, but wait there is more! In addition there are quality assurance measures taken such as unknown materials are sent to the lab from an independent source that the lab must recover the value in order to continue to be licensed.
    So there is very little of any of this, regarding the Sphygmomanometers and Blood Pressure readings.
    There have been a few studies done by some universities regarding the accuracy and precision of Sphygmo.s you can google it if you like. So they say medicine is an art (heavily science based) but an art because through thousands of years of observation there is a group of people who are happy and bouncing around and "healthy" bell curve and that group has a blood sugar of 80 to 120 mg/dl or normal. This was all before the "medical industry" took over medicine where business people sometimes try to "practice medicine" get the inference? it did not help matters. SO FOR ME, call me mr. smarty pants if you like 🙂 I take Bp meds after several reading on different Sphygmos. and hope it helps with the knowledge that everything comes to an end and breaks trying to make the ride last as long and be as enjoyable as possible. But it is hard to get a serious answer to these questions. Oh one more question, that material, the commercially produced blood sugar standard used to calibrate the instrument(s) to which everything else is compared, how do they know ? what is it compared to? They arrive at the number by analyzing it thousands of time by the "gold standard method" and doing statistical analysis, a very educated guess. DON'T GET ME WRONG medicine works we know because of the end results and I am NOT advocating for the Stupid people who were advocating for "hydroxychloroquine" or " ivermectin" for Covid these are anti parasite medicine in ivermectin's case used mostly in veterinary medicine for a viral infection. That is a special kind of stupid that belongs in a water closet to be polite as the Brits would be.

  32. Ahmad Al-Shami

    My cardiologist says a person who is 69 years old is normal to javelin bp of 180/83 .is she joking or out of options to treat ?

  33. Michael

    The 120/80 is a guideline set by the American Heart Association. The AHA also takes money from big pharma. Make sense yet?

  34. Lakers!

    It took years for me to understand that my anxiety and stress was causing my high blood pressure. And doctors wanted me to change my eating habits had nothing to do with that.

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