How to Insert an AutoSoft 90 Insulin Pump Infusion Set

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In this video, we guide you through how to insert an Autosoft 90 Insulin Pump Infusion Set. We how to select an insertion site, opening the Autosoft 90, connecting the infusion set tubes, filling the infusion set tubing, inserting the cannula, and filling the cannula.

00:00 What Is the AutoSoft 90?
00:38 Selecting an Insertion Site
00:47 Opening the AutoSoft 90
01:38 Connecting the Infusion Set Tubing
02:07 Fill the Infusion Set Tubing
02:31 Inserting the Cannula
03:42 Fill the Cannula
04:51 Connect With Tandem Diabetes

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The AutoSoft 90 Infusion Set is indicated for the subcutaneous infusion of insulin by an external pump.
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  1. Alan Deli

    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)
    Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. (Psalms 51:1-4)

  2. Marc Davis

    I have had the Tandem for just a couple of months and I love it, however the infusion sets are a pain. I have had 5 failures so far. I sometimes think I should have stayed with insulin pens. More shots but they never failed.

  3. Joe Rayhnb

    This shit sucks I've put on 8 it always leaks steel is better

  4. April Bartle

    Like others here, I love the T:Slim pump, but am rather disenfranchised with the three types of infusion sets I've used so far. I was ordered the AutoSoft 30 which is difficult for me to even open the packaging for. Once opened, the whole process for inserting the needle is cumbersome, requiring both hands to be engaged during the whole process. I was hoping to finally get back to using my low back and buttocks with switching to the tandem,but this is impossible with this set up. I'm also sad that the cannula is so very long. It is leaving me with hard lumps that last over 48 hours upon removal. And that's with changing my sets ever two days.

    Next I was given 5 packages of the AutoSoft 90 by my sister. I'm glad the cannula is shorter, but going in at a 90° angle has caused 3 of the 5 cannula to bend and putting me into ketoacidosis

  5. Lester Garnier

    My endocronologist suggested I look into the T-Slim/ Dexcom pump. I have been with Medtronic for over 12 years and with Dexcom sensors for 3 years. Reading the reviews of the T-Slim I find that problems with their infusion sets have now spanned 4 Years !
    During my first weeks with Medtronic I had bent cannula problems with their MMT-398 infusion sets. (20% failed and I did get "No Delivery" alarms). My doctor suggested I try a Sure-T model MMT-840 and gave me samples. It has a steel 90 degree cannula so the problem I had with bent cannulas is not a factor. The steel cannula for me is also painless. The connector is on another patch separated by about 3" of tubing. This allows an easy disconnect of the pump without disturbing the cannula, and it also takes the shock if the pump is accidentally dropped. I have been very pleased with Medtronic since making that change.
    I note also that reviewers had high BGs after newly installing their sets. I sometimes find the Dexcom sensor does that, and needs calibration. I see nothing said about calibration capability with the T-slim/Dexcom.
    I also would not prefer a rechargeable battery over a quickly replaceable AA. And you need syringes to load the pump?
    I have to conclude that the T-slim is far from being ready for me.

  6. M. S. F.

    I have been using tslim X2 for close to 4 years. Right now I have 3 cannulas with bent heads sitting in front of me and my sugar is 350 mg/dl. I had a similar situation like 3 l weeks ago but that time they were 6 bent cannulas. All are of the XC type.

    @Tandem: Do you understand how foolish this cannula insertion is? Do you know how it is super easy to fail? All your effort making this pump effectively adaptive will go in vain unless you get insertion right. This fancy insertion simply does not work. Get us at least one method that is non-fancy, very basic but guaranteed to get insulin into our bodies.

    I am seeing my Endo this September. You know what I am going to ask him? "Switch me to omnipod." Their pump is adaptive but more importantly they seem less likely to fail.

  7. Marla Dym

    My son uses the True Steel infusion set by Tandem. It is compatible with the T:Slim X2 pump. It is simple to insert, stays put, & easy to disconnect from. This is his first insulin pump being a type 1 diabetic for more than 12 years. The closed loop system is an incredible advance in the control of BG.

  8. Carlos Reza

    If you forget to take the paper and try to insert it, can you still take the paper off afterwards and then insert it again?

  9. Tay Clay

    I’m getting so frustrated with this infusion set. I have been using tandem tslim for a month now and I love it, but I’ve already wasted 2 packs of infusion sets due to bent catheters. 😭 Has anyone switched back to MDI due to this? 😅

  10. Margaret Lever

    This is my third time that my BS went excessively high after changing it. Realizing that the tube was bent in me from previous insertions, I decided to check it and sure enough it was bent in 2 places. I’ve only had this new pump since March 31,2022. Having this very dangerous problem is disturbing that I could end up in the hospital with these high blood sugars. The insertion sets are very problematic and I’m just starting out with this new pump product. My former Medtronic pump that I had for 15 years only failed me twice with this problem. I’m very dissatisfied so far getting the T-Slim.

  11. S. Y.

    I am a new user with this the pump but hate the 90 infusion. I have already destroyed 5 kits after having multiple issues. Medtronic's infusion was much better friendly built for the users.

  12. Susan Skillicorn

    Same here, very frustrating!!!a lot of highs do to faulty bent tube

  13. shirley pritzker

    I have been using Tandem for 5 months with the Dexcom G6. The CGM element is far superior to Medtronic but the ease of use of the infusion set up is very difficult! I have arthritic hands and after 5 months of practice pulling back on the loading set up for insertion it is still immensely difficult for my hands as is disconnecting the infusion tubing from the cannula for bathing.It would also be very helpful to have a wider adhesive dressing around the infusion set to keep it more securely anchored but know that this would make the infusion insertion devise even more difficult to handle. I feel it is a design flaw to be so challenging to use the infusion set up and require additional tape to keep the infusion set secured to the skin.

  14. Chidinma Chinweuba

    Dr Igudia on YouTube natural herbs medication are indeed effective in curing diabetes diseases permanently and I’m so happy to have been able to get the medication which cured my type 2 diabetes permanently.

  15. Don Hunt

    I have had a t:slim x 2 pump for about 7 weeks now which I was changed to due to Roche stopping production of my Spirit Combo pump. Having now got used to my new pump I have found that the t:slim is a well designed and very easy pump to use. I really wish I could say the same of the AutoSoft 90 cannulas. As others have previously commented, they are very complicated and poorly designed. I do wonder if the designers actually have cause to use them themselves! I so wish I could still use my separately packaged cannula which was applied with a sturdy re-usable applicator, this would surely also be more cost effective and less wasteful in these days of reducing waste? Plus the added bonus of saving wastage and cost due to the numerous failed attempts attempting to apply the AutoSoft cannula.

  16. Tommy James

    I hate whatever idiot designed this… This shit doesn't work and doesn't stay in. Such a stupid horrible design!

  17. UJ Political Science

    I have been using the X2 for about 4 months (after over 4 years with Medtronic, and over 36 years as a T1 diabetic), and in most ways it is a great improvement over the 670G. However, I have had several issues with the Autosoft 90 cannula bending back on insertion, which was never an issue with the Minimed system. Since the Tandem system does not recognize a problem, I get no warning until hours later, when my BG just keeps going up and up. Is there a way to prevent this, or comparable alternatives?
    In addition, in all the years of using pumps I have never before heard that you have to fill the infusion set when reconnecting after a shower or something. It was not even addressed in ftf training with a diabetes specialist. Is this done under the "Load" menu?

  18. HomoHoglet

    I've had the T-Slim x2 system for three weeks now, my BSL is wonderfully stable now after 42 years ! One major concern for me is trying to unlock the infusion tube from the cannula when refilling the cartridge: it seems to need 4 hands to do it, my partner has to help me pull it off, as he presses the tiny top button and I need to hold in the two side lugs. I just can't release it by myself. Not easy with two pairs of giant mens" paws fiddling this dainty delicate device. Why does it have to be so difficult ? A nightmare !

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