How To Inject Your Diabetic Dog With Insulin: PDSA Petwise Pet Health Hub

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If your dog has diabetes, you will usually have to give them daily insulin injections. PDSA vet Fran takes us through how to inject your dog with insulin safely at home.

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How to Tell if a Dog Has Diabetes. Part of the series: Dog Health. If a dog has diabetes, common symptoms include a dog that is drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot. Find out how to get a dog tested for diabetes with help from a veterinarian in this free video on dog diabetes. Read more:
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  1. Tina Shannon

    Hi Fran, thanks for sharing. It helped. 😊

  2. Marco Hercules

    What about testing to check to make sure it's at a stable level so you can adjust it?

  3. Amir

    My 8 pound Yorkie hardly stays still for me to properly administer his insulin shot. But, I've been managing it, even though so far poked myself twice. The drawback of the syringe plunger takes more time than he gives me in order to perform it safely. I'm now concerned about hitting the blood vessel and its consequences. Could you please elaborate, I'm most grateful?

  4. Frank Van Gils

    I thought this video was excellent. My husband and I are tasking giving insulin to our dog Rusty together and this has helped.

  5. Parnel Pospahala

    Helped a lot! Thank you. I don't understand why her vet missed a couple of points?

  6. Sonja Webster

    Vial top needs to be cleaned with alcohol before inserting needle!

  7. Diane Kelly

    I appreciate this information and demo because my vet did not mention mishap with blood. I have to do this by myself and was told not to do a second injection if I had doubts of doing it correctly.

  8. Claire Morris

    Sorry no need to get rid of air because it's not going into a vein????

  9. Billy

    What if I only give my dog one dose a day instead of the 2 the vet has recommended. My dogs vicious

  10. Lori Pollock

    What is the purpose of drawing back before injecting

  11. Hoenir Canute

    Im gonna check the box veterinary on my Tinder next time..

  12. Rosa P

    I have been injecting my dog with insulin for years, she only uses 1 unit. Why in the world would you inject AND PULL BACK? No wonder you're getting blood, I NEVER HEARD OF THIS, please explain, I know that has to be wrong. I belong to a site of highly skilled professional who know everything about dogs with diabetes and I've never seen anyone draw back, you push in after injecting!!

  13. Martin Garcia

    Is it suppose to go under the skin or in the skin you pull up? Thanks

  14. rneustel

    Aww, Buster is such a cutie. I love that he’s a bit scruffy. I’m hoping to adopt a senior schnauzer with diabetes—the meet-n-greet is in two days. I’m a retired registered nurse, but I wanted to see where the injection sites were on a dog. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Brian Butler

    My do has been getting two shots of 5mg of insulin a day for about a year now.. When it's time for his injection he now just want to start rolling over on his back knowing his shot is due.. He's about 20lbs and I use a 31 gauge, 6mm (15/64") length needle 3/10ml syringe.. I give at the neck and on the bottom of the back never a shot close to the day or two before, any advise to make it any easier for him? also his eyes seem to be starting to get cloudy and was given a steroid eye drop and does not seem to be helping much.. They are better but his site seems to be getting less and less..

  16. प्यार ही प्यार प्यारा प्यारा

    Humans have spoiled animals because it is not possible for animals to became diabetic

  17. Owen Mumford

    Cute and brave Terrier <3 Could prolly include the use of an insulin autoinjector too in the video, it had really helped my dog get her insulin injections easily without the fuss!

  18. Humberto Ramirez

    What does it mean to draw back the plunger, wouldn't this get air in the needle?

  19. Fatal Wish

    I’m so afraid of needles that they make me pass out but I’d do anything for my dog

  20. E Dalila Ramírez C

    Thank you! Just did it with my dog.

  21. adija

    thank God I was able to locate Dr adule on YouTube who was able to eliminate my diabetes totally with his herbal medicine

  22. afolabi isiaka

    I want to thank everyone who recommended Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs medications and I feel so much relief now than before.

  23. Emmanuel I

    Coming across Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel was indeed the greatest thing that has ever happened to me after using his natural herbs medication to cure my type 2 Diabetes disease.

  24. Web Surfer

    Is this caused by modern dog foods? And can it be reversed by restricted eating, as it can be in humans?

  25. marc belo

    I have a Question I have a Yorkshire terrier hes about 10 years of age, and hes been eating alot, drinking alot, and peeing constantly, what does that mean.

  26. Cutie Patootie

    I have a question what if your dog eats a lot but doesn’t throw up or drink a lot or pee a lot

  27. Quanincia Hill

    I wish I'd known this way ahead of time or been able to catch it in time.  My poor fur baby, by the time I took her to the vet, her BS was 700 🙁  and her WBC was off the chart.  She was drinking a lot of water which she then immediately threw it up.

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