1. Simon Tasievski

    "Don't walk barefoot in pools..??" Who here has shoes for the pool lmao

  2. Aondoakaa mathew

    I started taking the medication I bought from Dr igho channel on YouTube and surprisingly it was working gradually and in 9days everything stopped. I am really really happy that you helped me Eradicate Athlete foot completely, & putting a big smile on my face, God bless you Doc!

  3. waaazup D

    I'm a truck driver and so I wear sandals when I'm driving. I had athletes feet bad smell bad all that. I would wash my feet really well in the shower but by the end of the day even not wearing shoes my feet would smell. I used a foot rasp to take off some of the excess dead skin on my feet that helped a lot but still had a lil smelly feet. I used a hydrogen peroxide spray in addition to the foot rasp it improved slightly more but now I started putting baking soda in my shoes I'll update you if you wanna know.

  4. waaazup D

    I thought my feet were bad that 1st picture, whoah!!!!

  5. Pablo Freshcobarrr

    “Don’t share shoes.”


  6. Cody Sweeney

    Yes this works very good but don’t make the same mistake I did and use blue mouthwash it will have your feet on smurf mode the dye from the mouthwash will dye your feet blue or whatever color you use

  7. John Paul Santos

    Not sure if it would help anyone as it helped me, but what I did to get rid of my athlete's foot was spray Lysol on it after taking a shower everyday for a week. It worked for me.

  8. mikey yanes

    From my personal experience i came up with just adding half water and half hydrogen peroxide in somthing that both ur feet can fit into and u can see it fizzing meaning its cleaning it for u it kinda tickles for a sec then starts to feel a little itchy (dont itch obviously) and keep them soaked for atleast an hour each day it even works nicely with wounds on your feet your welcome 😊🤙

  9. Ben Dover

    Damn I was planning on drinking it

  10. first Family

    Of course it was a Hispanic mom using vapor rub lol we use it for everything

  11. Just Me

    All you need to have a lemon some salt and a spray bottle with 💦 water. Get a half a lemon add some salt to either your toes or the lemon rub the limit with the salt on your toes if it burns that’s when you add the water rub once a day for 23 days and you will see how it will dry up and literally go away

  12. Angel Angola

    Oooh thank you so much.i did see the other white liquid I just only put small listener in warm water and put my fit in there for some minutes and clean it and I toes is good now without hitching me.I will do it one more time thanks

  13. Caroline Go

    Who change their socks twice a day 😅😅 I only wear socks if I go to school/work. Never wear socks in my house 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Simon Pharand

    Lysol disinfectant wipes will kill it in a couple days… army trick

  15. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    I get a mild case every so often cause i like to take long baths my feet prune 1.00 foot cream for athlete foot from Dollar Tree works.

  16. KRyPTeX G N

    1 year ago i was with my friends in the pool and stept on a bee ahhhhh so anoying

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