How to get on a cover of a fitness magazine Tip 1

How to get on a cover of a fitness magazine Tip 1
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How to get on a cover of a fitness magazine Tip 1 Brian Cannone’s Fitness Atlantic – Bodybuilding, Bikini, Fitness, Figure, and Fitness Modeling – Tips on how to compete in a show – How to market yourself as a fitness model

Chris reacts to’s new article “What the Future of Fitness Really Looks Like. It’s time to break free from fitness’s anti-fatness.” Are gyms bad for fat people? Should fat people avoid the gym? Is fatphobia a problem in gyms? Are Self encouraging or discouraging people who don’t go to the gym?

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  1. Igor Koteluk

    Hello! I'm Matthew.I did -10 lbs past two weeks.Go to

  2. xDeaDxLegacY

    Great tips should have more views this helps a lot thanks

  3. kerry m

    great tips i have been in a few in UK 😉 but not fitness hehe LOL

  4. kerry m

    great tips i have been in a few in UK 😉

  5. David Romero

    The key problem with this movement is that the core concept requires the public to accommodate unknowable and infinite internal insecurities of others.

  6. You're should of learnt grammer !

    The future of fitness is looking fat

  7. Terry Newcomb

    The people who need to be shamed are the food manufacturers and fast food restaurants that sell gross, unhealthy, overpriced junk.

  8. Naheem Ibrahim

    You couldn't even read it without
    Laughing 😃.
    No body should be made fun

  9. William Hugh

    I only clicked because the thumbnail

  10. Curtis Clason

    Obesity kills a lot more people than hurt feelings. I'm a fat guy, and I'd rather have someone tell me I need to lose weight so I don't die younger than I need to, than to have someone tell me I'm doing great and end up with irreversible heart disease. "Fat phobia" is a BS woke invention. People need to quit projecting their insecurity and using it as an excuse. When I see a fat person in the gym my thought is that they are doing something positive for themselves. Also to be honest the hardcore gym rats are there to work out, not judge others, in my experience.

  11. Igloo Zoo

    I've seen more finger pointing towards guys who dead lift loudly or sprint on the treadmill than shame towards any unfit person in the gym.

  12. Martin Heermance

    This notion that fitness is costly is silly. Walking and hiking are essentially free. Biking is extremely low cost and can be used for transportation when doing errands.

  13. augmenautus rex

    I wonder if the people in Wall-E had embraced body positivity. 🤔

  14. augmenautus rex

    I recommend the keto diet. It's helped me lose weight pretty quickly. It's good for diabetics as well.

  15. spybotist

    Some people just want to lift donuts and cupcakes, Just like a smoker you're mean if you point out the problem.

  16. B B

    Weight rooms are full of some of the nicest guys I have ever met.

  17. 12Daniel34

    "Fat people have to jump those hurdles" lmao

  18. Karam Levi

    No asked for calorie advice???????!
    Don’t help your community to become healthier and better.
    Only trust mega companies and their writers paid one way advice.
    Also helps long term pharmaceuticals recruit new customers by hyper normalizing ill health and cool.

  19. Charles K.

    Also, I'm unsure which gyms do that, and I'm sure they exist, but I always get super hype when I see someone overweight busting their hump. I hope my presence is doing the same for someone else!

  20. Charles K.

    I've never been the skinniest guy in the group but my entire childhood and then three years in my 20s I was in great shape. But, I started spending too many hours in the office and when home, playing games and binge eating. For the last few years I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, out of breath walking, buying new clothes because they didn't fit well etc. For the last month I've regained the confidence to take control of my life, eat better, exercise and my outlook on life hasn't been better. While I don't believe shaming someone is ever the way to go, we shouldn't tolerate the opposite either. We should not celebrate obesity/anorexia – we need to celebrate healthy habits/lifestyles.

  21. russell timmerman

    9:11 My sports definition of fitness is who can you strangle unconscious or make submit with your bare hands. Means I am not very fit but it works for me… BJJ4LIFE.

  22. Frusciante’s Plectrum

    Seeing a fat person at a gym is as funny as seeing an injured person in A&E

  23. Jean-Pascal Heynemand

    Looking healthy and being healthy are one and the same. They are indivisible.

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