How To Get Into Fitness Modeling | 10 Steps To Take

How To Get Into Fitness Modeling | 10 Steps To Take
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How To Get Into Fitness Modeling | 10 Steps To Take

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How I Got Signed To Wilhelmina Models At 5’4″:

Ever since posting “How I Became A Fitness Model” last year, I’ve gotten DMs and questions more and more, so I put together a quick list of my top 10 tips I’ve learned from being signed with Wilhelmina for the last 3+ years.

0:01:18 – 1. Have A Niche
0:03:07 – 2. Show What You Can Do
0:04:03 – 3. Make Your Sport Aesthetic
0:05:03 – 4. Have Variety
0:05:32 – 5. Have A Current Reel
0:06:18 – 6. Maintain Your Skills
0:07:10 – 7. Put Your Portfolio Online
0:07:35 – 8. Use Social Media As A Virtual Resume
0:08:14 – 9. Tag Brands You Love
0:08:37 – 10. Determine Your Rate

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My First Modeling Campaign with Lorna Jane:





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5 Tips for Fitness MODELING

#Model #Fitness

In this video, fitness and fashion model Tahirih shares some tips on how models can stay in shape and maintain a lean muscle mass.

So exactly, what is fitness modeling? This may sound like a simple question but the truth is that there can be some confusion here. The confusion typically sets in as people try to distinguish between fitness modeling and fitness competitions.

Fitness modeling is a lucrative category that gives models the opportunity to work for brands in fitness apparels, vitamin/supplements, food/nutrition, gym/gear, etc. This type of modeling requires a lot of time at the gym since these models must have the ‘perfect’ body with high muscle mass and dangerously low body fat percentages.

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    Good video a lot of helpful pointers. I really wanna get focused on modeling again an dive Into it heavy and this video gave me some motivation but also some well needed information thanks!

  2. Taylor S

    I did not know you had a YouTube channel.

  3. Priscilla Reyes

    Hey Danielle, I watched your video and you had great pointers! I feel really confident into going in this path. I have a lot of questions to ask mostly just info for my knowledge. Hope you dont mind. I tried messaging you on IG but I had no luck sending the message out..

  4. Bullskidz

    if im a 5’3ish 5’’4 male , but built very very well do you think i could make it as a fitness model?

  5. This and That

    thank you. ive always wanted to do fitness videos as well (say on a fitness site with follow along videos, say theres a woman leading then a couple more showing the moves as well). i've always wanted to do that. do u know anything about that?

  6. Chats with Dan

    I would like to do fitness modeling, and I am in good shape. I have a scar on my belly, and wondering if I can still get gigs?

  7. Valeria Estrada

    Thanks for the tips. Do you know if they accept dancers?? Btw loved your portfolio!!

  8. تؤترارارا

    Your eyes beatiful like eyes niymar player brasil football 🙂 do u knaw niymar

  9. Deepti Prajna Barik

    Suggest some fitness modelling agencies


    I am working for being fitness model can I stay in touch

  11. joanni_b

    Thanks for this post 🙏🏾 I used to model when I was younger and this was a nice refresher course lol with new things added.

  12. Daniel Burke

    Can you do an example of a portfolio, I haven't seen a video of an actual example for a fitness model portfolio and it would help me and a lot of other people. Also great video 🙂

  13. Briana Barlow

    Okay you officially inspired me to go after it and try!! Do you have any advice if my niche is running?


    This was dope, I'm a good bit away from the fitness model look I want but I feel this information can help me set up a strong foundation on my social media.

  15. Willie Lugo

    Your quite beautiful 😍 love the hair. Ps Im new here 🙋🏽‍♂️

  16. Fitness Model

    sir tell me fitness model vs bodybuilders diffrence

  17. Liyat Wogderes

    Hey FP am trying to start my modeling in sportswear i need your advice

  18. you're a joke

    Guys please someone answer me I wanna be a fitness model but I’m a muslim and I can’t wear short clothes so if i told the agency that would they be okay with that?

  19. Champ1988

    She's right! In fact; most parks have stretching stations, bars and even tire & rope. Do your research! And always MAKE a way to stay fit.

  20. Nicole Pickle

    No juice?? I can’t go without my delicious apple juice but I’ll try to make the sacrifice

  21. Dajuan H.

    Love this style of video, health is wealth!!! 💪🏾🏋🏾‍♂️🧘🏽‍♂️🥊

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