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PLEASE READ. I only put one star, because I was not allowed to put “0” The managers at this location are underhanded and corrupt. 1) they see me nearly everyday and then tell me that “ my home location” has banned me from all planet fitnesses. Because I filed reviews about their location and their west Chester location regarding gym cleanliness and cherry picking masks policies.However, the supposed “general manager” doesn’t tell me when I check in. But tells me in the locker room. I ask him for a courtesy phone call to look into the matter from the other gym and explain that I don’t understand why and need to address the issue. He REFUSES to call and ask the west Chester gym or to print out any formal paperwork regarding the issue as to why I’m being banned or even my original paperwork, saying that he “can’t print that information out.” However the other assistant manager angel was able to print it out for me, however because she decides to help me, he gets aggressive and aggravated and starts to intimidate me aggressively to leave “his gym!” I started to record the incident and when I asked for his name he REFUSED to even give me his name to report him to the district manager. Later, when I call the police to explain that I’m being bullied out of the gym without proper procedures. Angel the assistant manager begins to lie to the officer and say that I was being aggressive and violent , when all I was asking for was the name of the general manager who was kicking me out – while getting dressed in the locker room- refused to give me any documentation of a reason why, refused to call and investigate the matter and even refused to give me his name. When I started recording, he walked away and stopped yelling at me, and let Angel defend him and lie on his behalf. She then starts threatening me with calling the police, as I demand to know the name if the GM who is being extremely rude, aggressive and unethical. She doesn’t even tell me his name, covering up for him. As a paying member since 2015, I don’t believe asking the gym where I pay monthly for for supplies and cleanliness, on top of proper/ thorough explanation and names of “management” is grounds for calling the police and claiming that those are extreme terms of courtesy and respect. It’s a dangerous thing when managers act in collusion with each other, and refuse to do the jobs they are being paid to do and treat paying customers with so much disrespect.
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Christopher Fluker

    The person who recorded this video is in the wrong.

  2. creative Angel

    The band you for anything he has every right to ask questions and advocate for himself, you all assume he did something negative to get band, when that is not always the case, she is rude, their customer service is appalling

  3. Kenny Williams

    Nah fam, you got kicked out for jerking in the mens bathroom. I was there.

  4. nasir The PYKE main

    Bruh they didn't even call em lmfao 🤣 sias did you get the cops number

  5. Friendly Homie

    Getting banned from Planet Fitness is a good thing.

  6. Captain AMC

    Dude, if you're not wanted just leave. If cops were there they would've tazed you right on your forehead already.

  7. CrackedHammer

    This is why I will never set foot in a planet fitness, the staff and Lunk Alarm are just too ridiculous

  8. Kristian Burrows

    They always outta shape workers in planet locations

  9. T. E. C.

    This y u should spend thousands for home gym skip the bs

  10. Joana

    well your on the wrong your banned from the company

  11. Jubbice

    So you got kicked out of a gym for not following their rules? Makes sense.

  12. Emilio Sanchez

    Why did they ban you for?
    You put your license as a Profile Pic, you probably need some psychiatric help.lmao

  13. Emilio Sanchez

    Help us out here, why did the first manager kick you from P.F?

  14. Dante Shululu

    You kinda messed up on this one. You pay only $10-$20 a month, you don’t own the place😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. Mr. Black

    Ha! Ha! Your propaganda didn't work!

  16. interstellar bull

    I used to work at planet fitness overnights were chill until I meet some d*ckhead like this who clearly aren't comprehensive there's a reason why they're banned.

  17. Random Dragon

    The only rude person, here is you, bro
    Employees aren't allowed to give out information, on their managers. And if you're banned from somewhere, they have every right to call the cops

  18. sliver64209

    Are you telling me to leave? Well if its you 😍 ill do whatever you want

  19. Asf Zfbbb

    Lady so hot some one find me her insta

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