How to Exercise & Diet Correctly for Your Body Type | Joanna Soh

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How to Exercise & Diet Correctly for Your Body Type | Joanna Soh
Do you know what’s your body type? Are you doing the right type of workout? Are you eating correctly? If you haven’t been seeing results, then perhaps your training and diet isn’t correct according to your body type.

Watch the video till the end as I speak about in details the 3 body types, ECTOMORPH, MESOMORPH and ENDOMORPH as well as recommend the suitable exercises and diet for best results!

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I’m a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 10 years of experience.


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How to Exercise & Diet Correctly for Your Body Type | Joanna Soh

Dr. Fariba Dayhim, bariatric surgeon and bariatrician at Detroit Medical Center, answers the age-old question about what really drives weight loss.

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  1. anushree banerjee

    You are brilliant and specific…what a wonderful video Joanna…love from India

  2. Olivia Valentine

    I guess my body type is endo meso 😂

  3. Carol Myers

    Hi am Sharon i am a Endomorphs very hard for me to lose weight

  4. Victory H

    My goal is to lose 60 pounds it feels like its impossible😭

  5. Internet Clown

    But form someone, like me, who is an endomorph and has a problem with binge eating, how can I balance a new diet with some cheat foods? Once a week I hang out with friends just to watch movies and buy snacks; I would be a stick in the mud snackin' on macadamia nuts all night

  6. Alien Bish

    Me being an Indian
    U are not allowed to go on a diet(not everyone) because you are a growing child according to your parents
    And that's why I can't eat less carbs
    Cuz my lunch and dinner is always roti and rice 🙂

  7. MK’s Melodies

    I’m definitely an endo! During the beginning of my weight-loss journey (January 2020) I was un-intentionally following most of your rules without even knowing lmao (this video wasn’t released at the time).. I literally made up a routine for myself after watching several weight loss videos back then.. After covid came along I lost most of my motivation for exercising + dieting and even forgot what methods I used to lose my weight properly.. Since I have PCOS I think it would be best to do moderate strength training to avoid extra stress put onto my body..
    BACKSTORY ON MY LIFE: These past 2.5 years I’ve been eating only 1-2 times a day, and I’m hardly ever hungry but have to constantly remind myself to eat; I’m extremely overweight (115 KGs) for my age (21) and height (5’5) .. Like I would eat salads some days and rice or bread around once a week.. I know my excessive weight is due to genetics but I can’t always use that as an excuse because oh boy, my eating habits are shitty! I guess it all comes to consistency and discipline at the end of the day.. Seriously need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle change ASAP! I just wish I wasn’t lazy! 🥲.. But thankfully after watching this video I feel kinda set, yay! Can’t wait to hit the gym and become a better, healthier + disciplined individual! ☺️… Really appreciate this informative video!

  8. Yngrid Aguirre

    I think I am Meso-Endo type.

  9. Constanze-mari Steyn

    Just by eating healthier and drinking more water i lost 7 kg.. Thank you!

  10. josie dale

    im an endo-meso idk which to do😭

  11. Jihan Beltran

    As someone endomorph that are doing the things she was saying for like 4 months. Doing workout with resistance and strength, and eating less carbs, more protein and veggies, and eating healthy fats. This things are accurate af. Looool. All this time I thought I'm in the wrong way, but it was actually the opposite. Verrrrryyyy nice.

  12. Ruba Abdullah

    Definitely an Endomorph 😂

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