How to Empty your Bowels Completely in 1 hour πŸ’― Naturel Colon Cleansing

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A natural colon cleanse may be helpful for your digestive health.
Here is method to get colon cleansing action going within hours…

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  1. Gio Sarran

    Baking soda? Dosen't that Dilute you stomach acid

  2. Jude

    Baking soda neutralizes the stomach, too much too often is not good. I prefer to use brands like Bob’s Red Mill and Frontier which procure their sodium bicarbonate directly from the ground, in its natural state. Personal choice.

  3. enemanozzle

    In the case that you will have to cleanse your bowels completely take 1 oz (= 30 ml) castor oil, this on an empty stomach, so the best early in the morning, not having breakfasted.

  4. Greatest City

    Misleading title its just an overview of how your system works

  5. Prof H

    Stop eating horrible plastic products from the supermarket. East real veggies and fruits and meats. Then you won't rely on extreme remedies.

  6. GGMuscle

    I've done coffee enemas, plain water enemas and salt flushes. All worked well, have only taken baking soda in large amounts prior to strenuous activity to reduce lactic acid and keep me going longer which works. Can't recall what happened in terms of bowel movement but giving this a try for this purpose and will let you all know.
    However the best colon cleanse I have ever had was when I once contracted food poisoning and threw up 8 times over a 24 hour period. After it I felt brand new, absolutely amazing but obviously I would never purposely do this nor would I suggest it πŸ˜‚

    Edit: This didn't work for me.

  7. Lexi Citadels noobs

    Once again more stuff that I don't have on hand. But honestly do crunches and squats while drinking plenty of water and you'll be pooping

  8. Tharmathas Sinnathurai

    No good begin sooda very bad for your health


    LIFE SAVING TIP : Make sure you stay home that Day ! . 🀣

  10. Mono's World_

    Is it safe and recommended for children to? How often should I do this?

  11. jayman1819

    Is baking soda ..ugh how do I say
    Is it … good to eat?

  12. wizzy wizzo

    I thank Dr okosun on YouTube who came to my rescue, he cured my long term virus HSV. My private parts was full of sores and I was in lot's of pain, I was really grateful that I was cured of my HSV with Dr okosun herbal mixture

  13. Neha adak

    Any type of baking soda is edible??

  14. Riff Raff

    you need Food Grade Baking Soda, because this one is not for human consumption it contains Aluminum and can be Dangerous

  15. josette altidor

    You need baking soda use for cooking

  16. Casey Holthaus

    Took about 2 hours but yep πŸ‘

  17. t f

    Is anyone aware of a brand of baking soda that doesn't have aluminum in it?
    I read ingesting aluminum is harmful to us.
    Or is it actually ok when talking it this way?

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