How to Diagnose Feline Diabetes

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How to Diagnose Feline Diabetes. Part of the series: Puppy & Kitten Care. Extreme thirst, frequent urination and weight loss can all help you diagnose a possible case of feline diabetes. Find out what to watch for and what to do in this free video on puppy and kitten care. Read more:
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  1. adija

    thank God I was able to locate Dr adule on YouTube who was able to eliminate my diabetes totally with his herbal medicine

  2. Emmanuel I

    Coming across Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel was indeed the greatest thing that has ever happened to me after using his natural herbs medication to cure my type 2 Diabetes disease.

  3. 최지범

    How often the cat's diabetes indicate rate?

  4. Danica Evans

    Also my cat has been neutered for over 10 years and I know my cat cannot have kittens or get pregnant because I didn't want the cat to have kitten because it would be too hard to give them away because kittens are hard to sell.

  5. Danica Evans

    My cat has fresh water everyday and she doesn't drink the water.

  6. Yori

    We don’t have insulin in Saudi Arabia
    What should we do? My cat’s blood test appear high level it is 300!! Also Immune deficiency and Mild inflammation of the liver What should i do ؟

  7. Arlette Car

    My cat feels something on him but he doesn't and he's uncomfortable but I don't know what's wrong with him.😭

  8. Buff Hotchkiss

    Thanks doc. So helpful.🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

  9. hunny c

    hunny c
    Loved your presentation! So full of good info!
    My 4 yr old cat just got diabetes diagnosis. His urinary and water intake symptoms started coincidentally with horrible disruptive construction to replace all our pipes in the home( so he stayed under the bed for 2 weeks! ). We are 70 somethings and the house is pretty quiet normally. He is not obese and his symptoms are about gone (his intake is ⅞ to 1 ¼ cup a day- monitored for a week).
    We are thinking about stress-induced hyperglycemia as an alternative diagnosis and wondered if he should have a fructosamine test now?
    Vet says not possible but Cornel and Merck Vet Manual say yes. How long do we wait to do it to allow for stress to recede?
    He's had 2 blood glucose tests- 450, then after 2 wks of DM food it was 375. He never had blood glucose tested before these symptoms.
    Can we safely wait on insulin and try diet and then retest?
    Your timely answers would be such a help. Contractictions everywhere and we are stumped!
    Keep up the good work!

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