How to detox your intestine (colon) through natural home remedies? | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

How to detox your intestine (colon) through natural home remedies? | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra
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How to detox your intestine (colon) through natural home remedies? | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Digestive health is as important as one’s physical and mental well-being. Since colon is one of the integral parts of the digestive system, Hansa maa recounts ways in which one can detoxify and prevent risks of colon infections.

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  1. Ali F

    Has any of this advice helped anyone with bowel movements?

  2. Nathan gamer

    Can we use this in place of enema

  3. Reshma Mansuri Löw

    Dr. Hansaji, would you recommend Nauli Kriya and Uddhiyana Banda during Shankpakshalan Kriya?

  4. All American

    Dr. Hansaji,
    I truly enjoy your videos & have used your suggestions in improving health. I have been doing yoga since college almost every day since. These things that you share are so simple & yet very excellent in maintaing a healthy lifestyle. Many, many thanks.

  5. Indhuja Selva arasu

    Hi mam you are awesome I am wheezing and having Constipation many year… I like to try this…. One doubt after drink warm water 3 glass and do exercise asaan and once we got cleared white we need to stop right ? and after that asusal we take fruit boiled veg right on that day?? and follow that for next two days right???? Pls kindly answer me anyone

  6. Lyna's Life with Animals

    Ma'am can this detoxifying be done instead of anema. Does it give the same results.

  7. rekha sangwan

    This is very powerful kriya…. should be always done under somebody supervision….

  8. Garth Davis

    I started taking the medication I bought from DOCTOR OKUNABA channel on YouTube and surprisingly it was working gradually & in 9days everything changed, I'm utterly Excited because you cured my herpes Naturally & I pray that God Strengthens you Doctor Okunaba

  9. Ashish Dogra

    stay healthy with planet ayurveda products and treatment

  10. Live Life

    Fibrous fruits and vegetables,
    lemon juice,
    proper hydration is very important

  11. genevieve Blair

    I have read through so many comments and not one person has said they have done this and how it worked. Leaving nice comments is okay but try to reserve comments for those who have done these practices so we can learn from their experiences.

  12. DEV047 #

    Last wala nahi hoparha hai. Gir jaa rha hun ek side me.


    Thx for good advice 😘. Howso u said constitution in one line in stead of constipation 😂

  14. shivani sharan

    People suffering from severe gas can do this?

  15. Nina Fathony

    Hi. Just want to make sure, you mean early in the morning ten glasses of warm water? 2 liters? In about one hour maybe?

  16. Babu Anna

    i am muslim even though. madam i wish a person like you has to possess in India's every family


    Mam You are in india
    You shall speak in hindi

  18. sunil gowda

    ❤just to Say thank you for this mam

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