How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

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This quick video will give you some tips on how to cancel a Planet Fitness membership!

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  1. Yohson Jackson

    This can’t be real ain’t no fucking way u gotta do all this

  2. Santana

    The fact that you gotta write these mfs a whole essay to cancel is wild to me

  3. Amy Bahre

    They refuse to let me cancel and just keep changing me! I lost my job and moved away. I don't know what to do.

  4. Florida Living

    For signing up you just tell them at the front fest and hand them over your checking account, wow but to cancel you have to actually write ✍️ them with your personal info, wow 🤩
    Even when you do all that they still don’t cancel. Please keep all copies of your letter and certification by mail is your best bet . Do not hand anything over to a worker. They are all very incompetent and deny everything

  5. Captain Mike's Space

    Support the left and libtards!? For that reason cancel my membership!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!

  6. Dane Peplinski

    You know your business is shit when wiki how is making a video motivating your customers to dump you

  7. Crys Dee

    Why should I put my SSN and driver’s license to this already corrupt and fraudulent company?

  8. Fernain Blandon

    I canceled my membership 1 month ago and they are still taking money out of my account , i dont" know what to do.

  9. Gary DeForve

    "So they know it's real" lol
    People are always fake canceling gym memberships.
    It's like illegal voting.

  10. Isabel Cee

    Cancelling today it feels horrible working out with a mask on🤬🙄 then they take ur temperature on ur forehead killing all your brain cells

  11. Bella Gonzalez

    Well I'm going to go up to there and cancel my membership and just buy an elliptical and work out at home (it's more convenient for me). The elliptical is all I would ever use anyways, besides I cant imagine working out with a mask on.

  12. ZombyMammoth

    Every gym does that letter thing, so who cares. The problem is they are now forcing customers to wear a mask to work out. If you do not have a mask due to their scarcity or aren't retarded and know that excercise requires the ability to breathe, then you are screwed and still have to pay monthly for something you definitely didn't agree to in their contract. So now PF can shove that giant yellow thumb up their purple gear shaft.

  13. Nick Fardy

    can you not just get your bank to stop payments ?

  14. glenn Mil

    So I have to write a 1 page letter to end my membership. I will never go back here again. Are you guys serious.

  15. Sean Curry

    How the hell do I cancel it now that all gyms are closed?

  16. The Gent

    WTF? Is PF a scam or what? Thieving off of inconvenience? No is going to do all of this. Perhaps thousands of active accounts of people who don't go to the gym and PF racking it in. That little $10 probably amounts to like million dollars monthly for them.

  17. Addi J

    Planet Fitness membership management is still in the 1800s.

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