How to BUILD a $500 HOME GYM on AMAZON

How to BUILD a $500 HOME GYM on AMAZON
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Budget Home Gym Recommendations ↓↓↓↓
➡ All of the Recommendations:
➡ Fitness Reality Power Rack:
➡ RAGE Squat Stand (cheapest currently on Amazon):
➡ AmazonBasics Bench:
➡ CAP Barbell:
➡ CAP Plates:
➡ Clout Fitness Collars:

Building a budget home gym can be a bit difficult due to how many options are available. Today, I want to show you how I would build a full home gym for under 0 exclusively on Amazon, which means it also includes shipping. A lot of this equipment isn’t great and are things you’ll eventually want to upgrade, but to start out, these should get you going.

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✅ Best Value Barbell: Rogue Bar 2.0 Barbell –

✅ Best Budget Barbell: FringeSport Wonder Bar V2 –

✅ Best Power Rack: Rep PR-4000 Power Rack –

✅ Best Weight Plates: FringeSport Black Bumper Plates –

✅ Best Adjustable Dumbbells – PowerBlock Elite Series Adjustable Dumbbells:

✅ Best Exercise Bike: Rogue Echo Bike –

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All of My Recommendations ↓↓↓↓
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➡ Best Barbells:
➡ Best Squat Racks:​
➡ Best Benches:
➡ Best Bumper Plates:
➡ Best Barbell Collars:
➡ Best Weight Belts:

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  1. Peter Thomson

    I really like the emphasis on the spotter arms. Absolutely the scariest thing ever to fail lifting back to the rack and have to struggle to get the weight off the chest. Will not go to failure alone without spotter arms ever again.

  2. wheeliewheelie

    can you do a price review of the thumbnail…

  3. The 12 Beez

    I want to see one built for 1 million dollars.

  4. Tragedyking

    110psi bar? thats crumpling over my back, lol

  5. Brady Johnson

    I found a brand new adjustable bench in the dumpster at work

  6. JWP6948

    The fuck is up with this audio?! Other than that great video! I got lucky cause I had a buddy "let me store" all his weights and equipment in my garage since he was moving and didn't feel like taking them at the time…that was 3 years ago

  7. Ifrat Nabo

    Ah the incognito tab so wifey don't find out

  8. ricof20

    that burger in his nose was so distracting

  9. David Rojas

    Coop, can you please clean your nose before recording 🙏🏻

  10. Matteo Gluiena

    Türkiyede ki fiyatlara bak birde ekekekmdösnendkxmslwmdnmckdm offfffffffffff keşke amerikada sandbag olsam


    his nose.. no one is going to mention his nose?

  12. Frank Castle

    Watching this now when all of this is at least twice the price kinda feels surreal.

  13. Brandon Heath Shaw

    Huge help. I screenshot your cart, and I'm ready. Thanks so much 💪

  14. chief

    Hey, I'm new to home made gyms and I was wondering if you just have to put the bench below your squat rack to turn it into a bench press kit

  15. Bubbles The Shitrocker

    The only way I can afford a home gym is by restoring peoples rusty old equipment that they sell me for almost nothing. It's alot of work but it's saving me 1000s of $$ right now.

  16. Luis Venegas

    Did this same thing today for about 560 except I opted for 25 pound plates and the $299 squat rack (price went up about 50 bucks. Also I chose free shipping for all things as well as the new and used option on Amazon

  17. Shad Mo

    Just closed on my home and can’t wait to put in my home gym. Was wondering if/when you’ll do a home gym set up for $1000

  18. Paul

    the bench is too cheap, you gotta get a better bench

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