How To Become A Successful Personal Trainer

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  1. Alpha Male Army

    Looking foward into becoming just that !!!!! Thanx AMS

  2. Nicholas Silva

    Cant you get sued for taking clients out of a gym and training them ??

  3. Afro Dude

    I've been working out for years. I'm not super lean but I'm much more muscular and fit than most. I love training and how the body works and it's only now dawning on me that I should consider becoming a fitness trainer.

  4. Gordo

    AMS how do you get a client to get a on a certain diet and stick to it??

  5. TonyToneNYC

    Do you think personal training became harder in New York City because of covid ?

  6. Saint J

    How many people is 30 sessions a client?

  7. The World Of Barber Star

    Thanks bro!! Very resourceful information. I needed this.Iam currently working on becoming a personal trainer at the moment myself.

  8. Evilmonkey 2794

    Who tf is paying $100 for an hour a session ?

  9. Luke Doverspike

    Damn bro…. I just graduated from college and am so horrified of working a bullshit office job. In this past year, fitness and nutrition has consumed my life. Its all I think about and care about. It's all I research in my spare time. I'm debating on really making the investment to get my NASM and get started but it's scary to start man…….

  10. Gordo

    Ams, I want to be a trainer. And no one likes stretching. I know the importance of stretching man. How do I tell these pps how important it is to stretch?????

  11. Troll You

    If I can base my profits off of my own effort I’m pretty sure I can do it. Just to achieve the feeling of my own accomplishment. I never thought about being a personal trainer, I didn’t know how to start but you pointed me in the right direction thank you.

  12. K Hill

    No one realizes the grind, there’s no room for being shy in training.

  13. Bryan Durland

    Exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks!


    Allll FACTS exactly how I started & killed it! Taking the referral advice! Thanks bro

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