How There Could Finally Be A Cure For Diabetes

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Over the past 20 years, significant advancements in stem cell research and therapies have been one of the most promising methods of creating new insulin making cells needed to cure type 1 diabetes.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company, recently began a clinical trial where it plans to treat 17 participants who have type 1 diabetes with new stem cell derived insulin making cells. The first patient in the trial has had positive results.

Other companies around the world including ViaCyte and CRISPR, as well as Novo Nordisk, one of the biggest insulin manufacturers in the world, are also working on curing the disease. CNBC explores why finding a cure for diabetes is so hard and just how close Vertex and other companies are to solving this problem.

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How There Could Finally Be A Cure For Diabetes

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  1. Lon Brooklyn

    I need a quick TSH boost and stabilization for my Hyperthyroidism!For that I would take a vaccine and not for the virus unless I was in Bulgaria🚨

  2. Deep Dude

    My main concern knowing how greeding scientist community is, that they will continue to be reluctant to push a real cure forward cause of the billions they make out of insuline sales.
    No matter what they say here.
    I would love to see what happens if China come up with the cure sooner and they lose the chance to win the patent.
    This cure should have been out in the market years ago.

  3. Deep Dude

    He didnt want to say when it will become into existence for everyone to use it. He already knows when.

  4. Snoozerpoo

    There are so many side effects, that you can get even if you do the best you can to keep on track. So not just the cost of insulin, but the damage to other body parts like your eyes that adds to the cost.

  5. Edgar Hernandez-Tadeo

    What’s the lady in the blue dress Twitter account?

  6. kim law

    Boy do I know this pain!!!!😒😒 I am dieing

  7. Important man Commenting

    What do you call stem cells that make insulin? Incels.

  8. Pheng Thao

    For me, drink alkaline water from alkaline machine and not those in bottles for purchased. I'm not cured but I don't have the medical conditions. You can drink 2 tablespoon of raw apple cider vineger with one cup of room temperature water if you don't have an alkaline machine. The resaon I stated these two options is becuase I used them and becuase it is hard for me to get off sugar completely. The best option is to eat healthy – less starch – less carbs – less sugar. I try only drinking one can of soda once every 3 days. Its hard to break the habit but do the little things and you won't need any medications.

    The proof? The proof is in your daily lives. Cut bread, starch, sugar and you will see.

  9. 817squeeze

    The cure is to stop eating BS and get off your Azz and work out

  10. Gregarious Antithesis

    If type 1 diabetics would kick the sugar, starch, grain snd high glycemic vegs and fruit and eat meat and greens they could their insulin needs in more than half as a guess.

  11. TimWrightFamily

    There’s 500 million people living with diabetes. I think we should tell them, and help them to lose weight and their diabetes will go away. 💥 boom. Just save the world $1 trillion.

  12. Elvin Ferreras

    And what the cure of diabetes gona cost gona give you anxiety and depression!

  13. Musk Reality

    Type 1 Diabetes is gaining traction in sub-sahara Africa and they lack the necessary resources to deal with the disease.

  14. Matthew cunning ham

    No cures only treatments tell the truth about what causes this just like cancer

  15. judas brute

    healthy lifestyle, which is whole foods plant based eating, exercise, no smoking, etc… prevents / cures type 2 diabetes. and it makes type 1 not as bad

  16. Mike Mitchell

    I have had great improvement, No Bread, wheat, corn, sugar ! Had to stop meds , because low sugar and lower B/p ! Only 20 days !

  17. thepeff

    Are these guys working with the Diabetes Research Institute at all?

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