How Singapore Solved Healthcare

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  1. psyOmicron

    My wife had food poisoning back in 2019, and I rushed her to the emergency ward in Singapore General Hospital. The doctor was professional, polite, and thorough. He did order a barage of tests and prescript a bunch of meds to make sure my wife will be alright, but it got us nervous cuz that much tests and meds could easily rack up at least $1k easy. Turns out, it was only SGD 100+, and we weren't even Singaporean. We were just dumb-founded on how affordable Singapore's healthcare is

  2. Simon Simon

    Well, back to the good old days for any race of 'C' class wards hospital. Hence, the Medishield Life to build more 'Community Hospitals' where 'clinical trail run' for new vaccines and medicines. Medical history repeats itself. 'C' stands for 'Community' for those aged, sick and penniless of their lacking educational background of 'self-employed' of their unsteady income. Most are 'odd job labourers'

  3. Gus Sampson

    Every analysis of every public policy question ignores the most important part: culture.

    Americans have a culture of laziness, comfort and food addiction. Our healthcare systems will always be expensive because of this culture. Singaporeans have a culture of hard-work and dignity and hold each other to a high standard. We cannot improve healthcare in the United States until we improve our culture of hedonism and irresponsibility.

  4. Think3r

    No healthcare system has everything figured out. You obviously missed the fundamental idea that healthcare is always evolving and always changing.

    To say that it’s as simple as “solved” is to say that there is no room for improvement or that there aren’t issues with any given healthcare system.

    You’re blatantly wrong, just in your title.

  5. Emily Smith

    Thank you for sharing this informative video I really like it.

  6. The LIM Report

    Singapore is the best country in the world.

  7. ming loo

    Because they getting the smartest doctors trained by Malaysia

  8. kang C

    Most american spending on medicaid were meant to used for research purposes.its a different system where the money were spent on innovation.

  9. favour

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  10. Anshumaan Phukan

    Recently went to Singapore for an internship at NUS, and was simply amazed at the infrastructure this country has to offer. It was truly beautiful and the people were very kind as well. Hopefully my country will one day be like Singapore.

  11. Marcelinou Zerrio

    ahhhhhh googled nebula…. saw it is an app….. not intrested… i think thats the common way

  12. junkman

    Are this subisidises per year or month?

  13. Dark humour

    When I was traveling I received a bill for a 1 night ward and ER visit amounting to almost 1500 USD
    When I would probably be charged only less than 500 bucks (SGD) in my own country… I was shocked

  14. archipiratta

    5:40 is it just me or did the transmission get hacked? 😅😅

  15. Golemer _

    I think the UK and Australia spend more due to the fact that healthcare is free unlike in Singapore which is the only minus for me

  16. Jon Brassard

    Sounds like Milton Friedman’s plan except with government mandated savings rates.

  17. Dorian Odet

    Actually there is only one very simple and very key point to this system that explain why it work. The notion of "Mandatory saving". If everyone in your own age cohort is forced to stashed the same amount of money, either directly through mandatory saving or indirectly through taxes and then welfare redistribution, then competitive market (like real estate which is the main offender) can't grow to be as much as a bubble than in other country, mainly cause you can't be out competed by people cutting corner on their own healthcare & co.

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