How much alcohol can a diabetic drink? | Alcohol Causes Diabetes | Risk of Alcohol in Sugar Patients

How much alcohol can a diabetic drink? | Alcohol Causes Diabetes | Risk of Alcohol in Sugar Patients
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How much alcohol can a diabetic drink? | Alcohol Causes Diabetes | Risk of Alcohol in Sugar Patients

How much alcohol can a diabetic drink? | Alcohol Causes Diabetes | Risk of Alcohol in Sugar Patients
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Diabetics are frequently advised to limit their alcohol intake or to stop drinking altogether – find out why.

Dr. Paul Stillman discusses the dangers associated with diabetes and alcohol. He explains that whilst it is generally understood that alcohol contains sugar and subsequently needs to be managed like any other food within a diabetic diet, it is the way that alcohol is processed which makes it so dangerous for diabetics.

Alcohol is absorbed extremely quickly and practically heads straight for the liver, the risk is that as the liver processes the alcohol, the sugar from food or alcohol is not being handled effectively, causing serious fluctuations in blood sugar levels which can lead to more significant problems.

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  1. Prasad Reddy

    Thanks sir welcome godbless you

  2. Thota Sairam patel

    Can I drink Diabetic patient Mansion house brandy

  3. Bala Murali

    Sir you are really god for super pasents

  4. Raghunadharao Kothuri

    Dr. Sir thank you very much.

  5. Anil Shah

    Good knowledge given sir.If any person diabetic or prediabetic should quit drinking alcohol as it spreads disease fast. Evenday drinking alcohol with diabetes may dye earlier. Alcohol damage liver, misguide system of digestion and pancreatic functions and fatty liver..Prediabetic quit drinking alcohol can riverse it easily…

  6. mike gossner

    Kind of funny how there is cure for some just in front of them.

  7. Alicia Jacobson

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  8. Shingeki

    My ex's mom is a diabetic and was an alcoholic. She'd tell me how it wasn't uncommon to go home and find

    A. An ambulance outside her house

    B. Her mom completely unresponsive

    I think she mentioned that they'd inject her and she'd be okay again. I came here to this video out of curiosity. My grandma was also a diabetic. I dont drink but i was still curious

  9. Faniyi Olusola

    I quit drinking altogether. Kinda

  10. Mi Merwin

    This “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) can assist you get a more healthy life style and become free of diabetes at the same time. As I`ve see clearly, I learned how fat impedes cells from feeding on glucose. ”Vαnοjο Fivu” (Search Google) helps me cure diabetic issues and prevent its serious and also deadly outcomes..

  11. Gina

    is non-alcoholic beer healthy for diabetic

  12. Astariol

    I quit drinking altogether. Kinda.

    Every now and again. Maybe two or three times a year. I drink. It doesn't seem to ruin me. I could probably do better, but I don't sweat it. Sometimes those one or two beers save me from a truly miserable circumstance I can't just wave a wand and fix. Do you and be smart.

  13. 2know4sure

    "Alcohol. The cause of & solution to all of life's problems.." Homer Simpson 😁🍻 🍾🥂 😖🤮

  14. RevanJJ

    This should have so many more views and likes. Sigh wish I could have the occasional drink.

  15. Desert Highways

    For a diabetic drinker this is very depressing to hear.  What I hoped to hear was that a diabetic can drink as much as he wants without problems, or perhaps, that for every drink one takes 200 mg of chromium to offset the effect.  This particular bit of advice we drinkers wish to turn a deaf ear to.

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