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Hey guys! Thanks for watching today’s video on my experience at Orange Theory Fitness! I love my results mentally, physically, and spiritually! Thanks to all you girls who reached out to me and encouraged me to be vulnerable & make this video!

More videos to come on weight loss and what I’ve been eating! 🙂

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Get ready to go above the belt with strength training and muscle-toning moves. Own every bear crawl, Arnold press, atomic push-up and everything else we throw your way. Remember to practice good form and give this everything you’ve got.

Equipment Needed:
– Dumbbells

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  1. G H

    I am so excited after watching this and reading the reviews!!
    This morning was Day 1 for me.
    I hope I have these same results
    I'm 5'7 155 pounds, I'm hoping to get down 20 pounds and feel amazing. I'm going twice a day. 5 am and 530pm. Totally committed. Thank you guys for your wonderful stories! ❤️

  2. Kanza Kan

    Just love the analogy of “an hour a day” , you’re totally right we could just be sitting on the phone spending an hour or we can just actually spend that hour on something that actually matters

  3. Shirlee Smith

    I notice the biggest change in your arms, which would be wonderful for me.

  4. Caitlin Kornilov

    You are so beautiful and refreshing, love love love your energy!

  5. Zsa'mine Hopkins

    How many days a week did you go? Was it 30 days consecutively?

  6. Bollywood Media

    Can you do an Orange Theory Fitness update video? You are so gorg ❤

  7. Marina Echavarria

    I just started it up again. How many times of week did you go?

  8. Bryce Bilello

    I just started! I can't wait to share my results. Did you do all 30 classes in 30 days to get those results?

  9. James Harrison

    Before and After photos at 13:20 , good work girl!!!!!!

  10. Ann Stropes

    I’ve been going to OTF for about a year and a half. I have gone from a size 22 jeans to a 12. I’ve also gone from walking a mile in almost 20 minutes to my last mile benchmark I could run/jog a mile in a little over 11:30! It is the only exercise I’ve been able to stick with.

  11. Equinox B

    She looks so much better without full on makeup. Love that natural look.

  12. Jigna Jariwala

    How often do you go workout at OTF?

  13. Mandy Mtz

    Wow!! Did you eat clean while working out? 🙂

  14. Natasha Mazzie

    Agree! I was never ever ever a runner. OTF has turned me into one. I never thought I could ever run a mile

  15. lolgeselle

    Trying orange theory out now!🧡

  16. blackdogbrown

    But how long did these "30 Classes" take?? Did you start to see results in a month? Two months? Three months?

  17. Maria Mitchell

    I'm 12 classes in and really enjoying just want my results!! This is helpful to aim for 30 classes to see progress.

  18. Erika Brunnmeier

    I really like the short and targeted workouts. One suggestion: if the "upper" and "lower" body workouts are in the same series, can we vary the exercises? There are two of the same exercises in the "upper body 03" and the "lower body 03". Thanks so much!

  19. Aksa Malik

    I don't like this format at all. Can you go back to a full class please?

  20. Tess

    I love this format because they are focused work outs and I can rest whatever is sore while I work on something else. Thank you 🙌🏻

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