How I Made my Basement a Gym // Home Fitness

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Working out in my dark un-finished half of my basement has gone on long enough! It was finally time to build out a corner of the basement into our finished gym space for my wife and I to use.

In this video I convert a corner of my basement into a functional home gym featuring new walls, a pull up bar, dumb bell rack, squat rack, a Pelaton, and much more! This project is pretty approachable for just about anyone looking to “pump up” their home workouts.

Gym Lighting:
Video –
Barrina LED Fixtures (6-pack) –

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This is another version of my own home gym evolution. Update from october 2020

To follow the evolution:

The complete list of equipment

Garage Gym

Atlantis C-401 pivot press
Atlantis PE-106 lying leg curl
Bodysolid produal selectorized leg curl/extension combo
Mech6 custom half rack with band pegs, spotter arms and j-cups
Mech6 belt squat attachment
Mech6 reverse hyper rack attachment
Mech6 monolift hooks
Powerbody fitness hack squat with 40X30 footplate and band pegs
Prime fitness squat wedges 10-20-30 degree
York weightlifting platform
Ivanko OMEZH plates (2X100, 14X45, 8X25, 8X10, 4X5, 4X2.5)
Prime fitness trap bar with rot-8 and Kaz handles
Rogue safety squat bar
Rogue deadlift bar
Texas power bar
Atlantis chains
Rogue 3 bars gun rack

Basement Gym

Assault air bike
Atlantis M-126 tibia dorsi machine
Atlantis incline/decline/flat bench
Atlantis B-177 incline/flat bench
Atlantis GHD
Bodycraft Jones Club
Hoist CF-3555 standing preacher curl
Hoist CF-3461 3 tier dumbbell rack
Hoist CF-3661 chest supported T-bar row
Hoist CF-3663 back extension
Hoist RPL-5301 chest press
Hoist RPL-5405 standing calf raise
Hoist RPL-5203 Mid row
Hoist RPL-5363 seated calf raise
Magnum MG-946 lat pulldown/row combo
Mech6 custom sissy squat
Mech6 4 uprights rack, safety spotter arms and dumbbell spotters attachment
Mech6 custom functional trainer with Atlantis stacks
Mech 6 custom flat bench with thompson fat pad
Rogue squat box
Rogue sandwich J-cups and spotter arms
10-150lbs York welded dumbbell
Ivanko OMEZH plates (8X45, 8X25, 8X10, 4X5, 4X2.5)
Prime fitness ROT-8 handles, KAZ handles and all attachments
MAG handles (all 7)
Hampton cable attachments
Cap barbell deluxe black oxide 60in straight bar and 57in EZ bar
Ivanko OBX-20kg
Ivanko OBZ-40
Ivanko OBZ-55
Kabuki Kadillac bar
Rogue MG-1 swiss bar
Rogue power bar
Rogue 6 bar gun rack original
Gorila fitness barbell wall rack

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  1. Airros

    I subscribed purely for the sarcasm.

  2. thefishbro83

    How thiccc was the plywood that you used? The gym is absolutely brotastic! I’m totally copying your idea and doing one in my basement as we speak

  3. AeonCatalyst

    And here I am in Ohio struggling to figure out how to make my finished basement with 85" ceilings be useful as a gym.

  4. kntwing.23

    i used that bike once.. about 20 mins it help me sweat .. i did that at my bro place..

  5. kntwing.23

    1st time here.. why dont u cover the ceiling instead of leaving it open?
    nice little gym.. i am not into cross fit..

    i do some weights & cardio myself..
    what your diet?

    wife did pretty good paint job.. 🤔😅

  6. Billy Rowe

    I love those LED shop lights. I have a few for my indoor micro greens. They are amazing. I completely recommend for every project replacing old lights.

  7. Billy Rowe

    The arctic circle joke is a laugh I needed !

  8. GoPrimate

    Pretty impressive how you can build a very effective gym at home!💪🏽

  9. Screaming Eagle

    what kind of clock is that on the wall? nice gym.

  10. Race Pace Masters Swimming

    You commented on "arctic circle" and skipped insulation

  11. Gym Reviewer

    Awesome job and beautiful outcome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. jsanz214

    Awesome video! What color did you use on the walls?

  13. Sona Farighi

    Where did you get your gym mirror from ?

  14. Jonathan ZJ

    Ohio is the Arctic circle? Dude….pretty mild (used to spend Christmas in Cincinnati/Cleveland in shorts/t shirt). And I live in AZ so TX isn't an excuse lol

  15. Steve PHL

    Very nice work. I'm in the throes of my own basement gym project and these vids are great. I was admiring your 4-tier dumbbell rack. But the link you provided doesn't appear to lead to a 4-tier rack. Anyhow, thanks for the great vid.

  16. Kyle Fleshman

    May I ask… I'm getting ready to build out a basement gym… did you consider metal stud and if so why did you choose wood instead

  17. Clifford Dittydotty

    Better than my commercial gym

  18. David Reisinger

    amazing! how did you get that functional trainer built? that looks like the best quality functional trainer with the best design I've ever seen!

  19. BigHec

    Great video buddy…. Great Video…. Can you tell me about ur HOIST 3 Tier Dumbell Rack…

    Looking into That Dumbell Rack…. Please advise…. Great Video Buddy

  20. Daniel Engel

    This beats the 9,000 dollar home gym i have built……

  21. James Tyler

    The real question is what does this guy look like.

  22. Jean-Paul Hugot

    Hello Alexander,

    Fantastic work on your home gym. Every piece you have is great and I love your Hoist dumbell rack.

    I leave my Insta here si you can see my work as well: sedik6

    My dungeon is not finished.

    Your home gym is my favorite on YouTube. Congratulations !

  23. ADDisablefitlife

    This is truly one of my top 5 home gyms on YouTube. I'm on the bodybuilding side so i like a variety of machines and other equipment. This is a my dream upgrade gym.

  24. Kelv Montgomery

    Wow ! I’ve watched a lot of home gym tours on YouTube and built my own home gym in last year! Your gym is the most amazing I’ve seen! Absolutely mind blowing! Well done! I hope you’re stacked or on the way!

  25. Hugues Lévesque

    Ok so basically you've built your house over a small commercial gym

  26. GreyWolfClimber

    All very clean.

    Ever used it?

  27. Thomas Müller

    Watching this while doing rows with a 30l canister.😥

  28. Madden Wigley

    Tryna low key flex on everybody

  29. William Fuchs

    That is one hell of a gym, can't imagine how much it must've cost!

  30. life with felipe

    Damm nice set up can I ask what u do for a living

  31. Andrew McWhirter

    This is absolutely amazing.

  32. Adonay Munoz

    I will pay a membership for your gym lol I love the home gym

  33. TheRmm1976

    This is the most impressive home gym I've seen on YouTube! This rivals just about any commercial gym out there. Awesome job putting this together and thanks for sharing, Alexandre!

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