How Food Affects Our Mental Health | ENDEVR Documentary

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Why Are We Fat? | Episode 2 | How Food Affects Our Mental Health | ENDEVR Documentary

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It’s official; there are now more fat people than skinny people in the world. Obesity is the biggest health crisis on the planet. For the first time in history children are facing shorter lives than their parents.

Over the last 35 years, obesity rates have more than doubled, leading to a massive and rapid increase in heart disease, kidney problems, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. How did we go from obesity rates of 9% to 30% in less than a generation?

In this Documentary, overweight and diabetic Chef Simon Gault tackles one of his most-hated activities – exercise. First up, a cardio-vascular fitness test so the team at aut’s millennium institute can prescribe the most appropriate exercise for simon – short, sharp resistance training and high-intensity interval training.
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There sure are a LOT of weight management tips across the internet, and after my research it appears finding the facts from trustworthy sources is harder than it seems. Heck, I’m a doctor and had trouble verifying a lot of this stuff, so how is someone without a medical degree supposed to find accurate and safe info? Today I’m taking a look at some popular weight loss tips around the internet to tell you what’s real and and what’s not.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. Sin Sack

    Yeah that's it, keep on working out. It's literally the solution to all this nonsense but people are just too damn lazy lmao.

  2. Jesus saves from hell

    John 14:6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
    1 Corinthians 15:3 that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures.
    Romans 10:9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

  3. Scott O'Brien

    It is not the meat and saturated fats that are the problem. It is the grains, sugars and seed oils in junk food that cause the problems.

  4. Max G

    What is the genetic test they did to identify carb or fat preference of the body?

  5. Charlotte 66

    Hm. If you break into a sweat too easily (due to nerves or exercise) – you lack magnesium. If you have an enlarged thyroid (like this guy) – then you have a serious iodine deficiency. If you lack oxygen in your blood – then you probably don't have enough vitamin B12 in your diet. (B12 creates red blood cells). And you also need, of course, vitamin C and iron. That goes without saying. Lack of vitamin B (in general) causes depression. Severe lack of magnesium can lead to personality changes. Lack of tiamin (B1) can lead to cardiac arrest. Etc. My point being – doctors don't learn ANYTHING about nutrition. That's like a mechanic who's never heard of petrol.

  6. Deniz Gifford

    I was able to detox over sugar and it has been amazing… I am not long a sweet tooth junkie doomed to end up a life long addict. I no longer miss or crave sugar and it has been a blessing in every sense of the word. Sugar was my poison and Now I am rid of it. Good By Fructose.

  7. Ashley Evans

    Honestly though then laughing at clothes that bigger children had to wear makes me uncomfortable. I wish it had been more of an educational take, and less of a mocking stance. They will still encounter plenty of larger people in their life.

  8. L A

    Thank you for this documentary three part series. It's been very interesting. Commenting to help the algorithm.

  9. Ben T

    They tax tobacco, how about doing the same with sugar and junk food..

  10. Sydney Knight

    The title of the video is incorrect. It's not about sleep. It's about exercise. Amazon says the title is "Most Hated Activity: Exercise" and that must be correct.

  11. Rachelle Days

    I don't see a fat man when I look at him, but after watching this documentary, I have realized that this body type is normalized even though it's unhealthy. I just associated it with the normal ageing process.

    This documentary was eye opening.

  12. Free Thoughts

    The scenes with the Maori kids are hard to watch. I can't imagine what it must feel like for them having foreign white people in charge of all their institutions on their land.

  13. Simeon Hollis

    I stopped eating hotdogs when I was a child! Don’t be sorry it’s your health lol. People are just weak minded these days!

  14. Simeon Hollis

    It’s sad people think these man made diseases can’t be reversed…

  15. Stella Bella

    Why do you think we, Americans think the FDA is precious? We have brains and we are not all blindly patriotic.

  16. LeilaLamb

    Eat moderately, mainly plants. You’ll feel better, look better and live longer.

  17. Kinky

    Never heard about letting a potato cool before you eat it…. for gut bacteria health…? Hmm… interesting.

  18. Problematic Society

    The only thing I disagree is HIIT cardio. I mean, HIIT is beneficial in many ways, especially IF you are an athlete. But no, it's not necessary, nor a prerequisite. If you're overweight or have any medical condition, a steady pace cardio is good, and you still burn off calories. With HIIT, it's the same thing. But the thing is, most people are looking forward to improving body composition. The only way is through a calorie deficit, cardio, and weight lifting. HIIT is not that necessary because it's mostly for athletes only. Seriously, more overweight people will be doing HIIT and eventually, they will go past their limits, thus, slowly doing harm to their body.

  19. Brittany

    The comment he read about "ruining the food" so you dont eat it. I would like to change that idea. If I have food that I can eat, but that is probably too much for me to eat at that point and maybe the guilt is kicking in making me wanna clean my plate, I have to remind myself:

    "Do I wanna waste this food inside my body, or outside my body."

    Forcing yourself to continue eating is a disordered relationship with food, and it's important to remind myself that if I'm taking care of my nutritional needs, I dont need to finish my plate or those leftovers just because they're there.

  20. whatonearthamito

    calories in / calories out

  21. T J

    Black coffee is detrimental to your teeth 🤢

  22. Anna Mueller

    black coffee makes me hungry, it activates my stomach

  23. Anelia Prodanova

    Why not sharing half of the food you prepared (if you wouldn’t eat it)with a homeless person instead ruin it.

  24. Nick

    So for weight loss should I do hiit and cardio or should I only do hiit? What I was planning on doing was on leg day 30 min on elliptical, on push and pull days 45 min of cardio, and on core days I would do hiit. I get bored if I do one thing to long so thats why I came up with. this

  25. joecatetal

    here is what worked for me. I eliminated bread, pasta ,beer and fried foods. The weight fell off quickly. unsweetened Oatmeal w/oat milk and blueberries or eggs and sausage for breakfast and i used carb wise wraps for my sandwiches-roast beef/turkey breast for lunch-no chips but soup ok and an apple w/peanut buttter for snacks or oatley ice cream, grapes or strawberries. Any kind of meat and veg for dinner and salads w/any protein you want usually chicken w/oil and vinegar dressing. I carried a lot of muscle and was a steady exerciser but the belly fat was cramping my style and this routine melted that abdominal fat away-also i gave my self a good cheat meal once a week-pizza burger fries etc…and a couple of whiskey drinks to boot but only once/week. pretty easy to do and i feel great at 56..I maxed out at 193.6 and just saw 180.4 after just 5 weeks-w/my height and muscle mass my target is 170-172

  26. Jack monroe

    first time watching you're videos gotta say i like the content.

  27. Anon Ymous

    You look like the lovechild of Harry Potter and the dude from Ghostbusters.

  28. Shekhar Roy

    I want to suggest you Planet Ayurveda's Thinner you pack to reduce your weight naturally

  29. Precious Studio

    No matter what you choose, diet, exercise or meds. Weight loss is not easy. I recently shared my story on my channel, on how I lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks, which could be really helpful to anyone struggling with weight loss.


    It seems caffeine doesn't do anything to wake me up and the "depressant" known as alcohol (as an alcoholic) actually gives me energy… So uhhh did my wires get crossed upon on incarnation or what?


    Yes I'm here for the health advice but as a Graphic Designer… I love that logo! Who did it for you??

  32. CinCee

    Sorry…telling someone to not use whey protein is irresponsible. Whey protein IS food and can easily be substituted for protein sources that don’t fit in the diet and many, many whey proteins have vitamins and minerals that people can use! And don’t skim over resistance training for people…there are so many benefits to adding weight training instead of more cardio training! I’m REALLY DISAPPOINTED by some of your comments, @DrMike! Please do some research on these points. People aren’t getting enough protein as it is…and heavens knows, they aren’t even walking or doing basic body movements, let alone resistance training…and you’re saying it’s not a priority. Shame on you.

  33. Whispering Wempe

    No way 9:11 the ecoli-device next to the food no way😢😢😢

  34. Whispering Wempe

    Doesn't rebuilding muscle happen mostly at night, though 7:22

  35. Whispering Wempe

    I am a HUGE fan of interval training, you know, when you work out really hard today at the gym

    And then 3 months do nothing 5:23

  36. Whispering Wempe

    Fatty asses? 😂 What oh acids

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