How does laser eye surgery work? – Dan Reinstein

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Explore the eye-opening science of LASIK: corrective laser eye surgery that focuses on reshaping the cornea to fix blurry vision.

In 1948, Spanish ophthalmologist Jose Ignacio Barraquer Moner was fed up with glasses. He wanted a solution for blurry vision that fixed the eye itself, without relying on external aids. The surgery he eventually devised was called “keratomileusis,” and his technique focused on reshaping the cornea— what we now know as LASIK. So how does laser eye surgery actually work? Dan Reinstein explains.

Lesson by Dan Reinstein, directed by Hype CG.

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  1. Lara

    So you have to wear contact lenses beforehand? I am too scared of trying them out

  2. staytheknight

    I’m sorry there’s not gonna be a world without glasses while I’m still around. I have astigmatism and have been water glasses for most of my life.
    It doesn’t matter to me how small of a chance that my vision may get worse. I see just fine with my glasses. My vision is too important to me to take even the slightest gamble on it.

  3. RchiwawasAndCats

    I had lasik in late 90’s. My nearsightedness is back but not anywhere near like before.

  4. ももこ

    My aunt got a botched laser eye surgery. One eye was completely blurry for months until she realized it wasn't suppose to be like that. The second eye she did was perfectly fine the day after surgery, and it made her realize she had to fix the first eye as soon as possible.

  5. Orcus object cosmos's worst enemy

    So during the laser eye surgery do you have to keep your eyes open for the entire procedure or can you blink?

  6. Aniket Dhondge

    Stolen opthalmic procedure from The Honorable Susruta. Shame! Stop stealing Indian ancient science and registering the same as patent!

  7. Lahori Vlogs

    I also wanted to get rid of expensive lenses and glasses thanks for elaboration now I'm sure about this surgery is safe so I will plan for this laser treatment thanks for the information Ted Ed love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤


    I thought of having this Treatment when im older but gosh I need to know Will i be awake while the surgery is on? Id be Horrified if i have to see my doctors Putting their tools on my eye But id im that desperate id go for it no matter what :'C

  9. Lmao Trash

    I've decided for ages now that I'll be getting lasik when I can afford it, but idk how im gonna sit through the procedure when I can barely sit through this video without gagging.
    I'm so squeamish with eyes that I think I'll have a heart attack in the chair.
    (Have also been unsuccessful with contacts because I cannot touch my eyeballs) guess I'm gonna have to desensitise myself 🤧

  10. Sauercloud - Smash Bros

    “How does laser eye surgery work?“

    They have surgery that gives you laser eyes?

    Sign me in boys

  11. Astral

    one day i will have a laser surgery bc i am sick of glasses

  12. StengaranteGT1

    My brain wants to get it done but my heart feels like it's gonna have a cardiac arrest at the idea

  13. Sailor_Jupiter_

    I like my glasses. I look cute in them

  14. redrideinghood0

    His “vision” of a world without glasses…

  15. Gaming god

    Some psychopath: I've never cried before.
    This video's outro:

  16. Gaming god

    "To fight blindness you must first blind them"

  17. RanOutOfSpac

    Aight, but a world without glasses would be sad world. Glasses are gosh darn cute.

  18. Marco Yura

    I’m getting Lasik done in 2 days, super excited. I’ll make sure to update this comment lmao

  19. Bwianman85

    I got LASIK last March. For people contemplating, don't be scared. It doesn't hurt whatsoever. But be prepared for the smell. The laser cutting your cornea reeks of burnt hair. So strange! But it was the best $4k+ I ever spent!

  20. ItzJustRobo

    Lasik seems to be a really good procedure but i think the best solution for eye sight probably depends with your eye sight

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