How does diabetes affect the feet?

How does diabetes affect the feet?
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How does diabetes affect the feet?

Dr. Odmark explains why diabetes often affects the feet and the problems that may result if you don’t take proper care.

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  1. Jamie Cee49

    Not me. But my roomy has one on his leg. And it just popped. Having to take care of it tell he can go to the doctor. Guess it was probably a blister. Is what it looked like. You can get bad legs too not just feet.


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  3. Sumayya Abubakar

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  4. Aju Obasi

    Really appreciate Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes disease with his herbs medication which I got from him and I can eat all kinds of food after using his herbs medication

  5. Maria Ogochukwu

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  6. Mina J Hooper

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  7. Amos Emenike

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  8. whomadethatsaltysoup

    Excellent video! Thank you for sharing! So much better than the usual NHS nonsense promoting bread, potatoes, rice and pasta along with a shedload of medications. These practical steps anyone can take are firmly rooted in the 'prevention is better than cure' camp, and not, as is so often the case these days, 'just wait until you develop an ulcer, and then we can prescribe some antibiotics, NSAIDs' or whatever.
    Prevention is even more of an imperative under present circumstances, as it is almost impossible to see a clinician, and, TBH, I'd feel a bit ridiculous rocking up to A&E with a foot blister when there are so many people waiting for cancer treatments and other acute illnesses.
    By the same token, I would not judge anyone who did end up in A&E – even if they did only think it was a harmless blister. For many of us, this could result in an infection with potentially life-changing consequences.
    This telephone consultation is a complete nonsense. Just as I would not expect one of my clients to tell me the backset of a Euro cylinder, or indeed, to hop up onto the roof to check for missing tiles, how ridiculous is it to expect the layperson to differentiate between heartburn and angina?
    Once again, thank you for sharing!

  9. Sumathi Dass

    My foot is totally damaged from top upper part of my foot bottom is only ok is there any sutable chappal for this type please suggest if any available

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