Homeopathic management of a 60 year old Diabetic|Treatment plan- Dr.Sanjay Panicker |Doctors' Circle

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When a patient is aged and he develops diabetes and it is there for a long period then he is prone for complication. The most common complication in diabetes is peripheral neuropathy where they complain of burning sensation in the hands and feet or tingling sensation in the hands or feet and subsequent to this because of the neurologic damage the sensation of the feet will be reduced and they will be prone for ulcers in the feet and gangrene in the feet. So these are the most common things though there can be other effects like the cerebrovascular effects of diabetes which are the long term effects causing stroke or it can be cardiac related issues that can happen in chronic diabetes or kidney damage can happen because of the long standing diabetes and hence in patients with diabetes the body cannot tolerate high sugar levels for prolonged periods in such patients it is important to treat and it is definitely a long term treatment and definitely you cannot or out diabetes at one short in 1 week or 2 week or 1 or 2 moths, the treatment is definitely going to last longer, it involves lifestyle changes. It involves relaxation techniques. dietary changes, exercises, medications. A combination of all this is going to helot he patient in diabetes and it is going to be a process that is going to take 2 or 3 years and it is not something you can do it overnight or in 2 months.
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    This information is generally known to everyone. You should suggest any medicine can be use with the help of homeopathic doctor

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    Hello help me thank Dr Oyalo for helping me with his root and herbs 🌿 to save my life and cure my lung cancer His cure is guaranteed and he saved me with it. His YouTube channel is Dr Oyalo he can also help you too. I’m so happy 😀

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