Home Remedy for Sore throat, Cough, Cold and Flu symptoms

Home Remedy for Sore throat, Cough, Cold and Flu symptoms
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Here is an easy decaffeinated Tea recipe which is an effective remedy against sore throat, cough and cold. Give it a try when you feel down and out and feel better soon.

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4 cups of water
( we’ll boil it down to two cups)
2 inch piece of ginger chopped
2-4 tbsp mint leaves ( use fresh or dried)
1 stick of cinnamon
1-2 tsp Fennel seeds
4 cardamom pods
optional- cloves -3,4
1-2 tbsp honey

Brew all these ingredients together in the water for 5-6 mins (until water is reduced), change in color. Take that steam in for sinus relief and then pour tea in a cup ( pass it through strainer), sweeten it up with honey and enjoy.
Hope you feel better soon.
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  1. Deepika Goverdhan

    How many times a day one should drink if I have terrible running nose and sore throat from days.

  2. Zlatan Mustacevic

    I have spent months researching best natural treatment for cold sores and discovered a great website at Carls Cold Method (google it if you are interested)

  3. jason gideon

    we add black pepper and dry ginger too,provides quick relief,and is effective..but you should abstain from cold and oily products

  4. Bliss44

    I didn't catch all the ingridients:

    fennel seeds
    mint leaves

    What's the one I'm missing?

  5. Fatima Naqvi

    thank you for sharing this recipe…

  6. Nazeeya

    Thanks for this video. I will put this in my "favorite" better for my body then man made stuff that have a zillion side effects.

  7. houndjog

    Try pouring Hydrogen peroxide into each ear and letting it fizz for 6 minutes in each ear.  A cold develops in your ear before you have any sumptoms (Dr. Mercola) So, the 1st time you think you are getting something – pour the peroxide into your ears!  If it doesn't fizzle – then you are fine!

  8. Dorothy Oputa

    OmyDays I enjoyed this video, thanks so much.

  9. J S


  10. Dolly Singh

    Thank you for sharing this menopause.

  11. Jackie W

    What is the name of the amino acid she recommends, half an hour before sleep please? I couldn't catch what she said. Thank you. Some great tips x

  12. Shawn Cooper

    I am start menopause about 6 months ago. I can't fall a sleep and I have hot flashes and more. My husband thinks he knows more then I do. I do not have female friends or female family members that I can talk to about menopause. I can't talk to my male doctor about menopause.

  13. D A

    Menapause + Marriage + No Sex Drive = Devoire aka Old Maid…. Fix it before you lose your Husband…..

  14. Herry Okhide

    I can recommend you to a herbal doctor who helped me to get rid of my Herpes of 7years with his herbal medicine, reach out to him on his channel by searching (Dr Ben Uda) for more information about him and how to place an order for his product..

  15. Ray Peter

    At 41 ,i have AIDS AND MENOPAUSE

  16. Lady Virgo

    I relate to this! Gotta laugh or else I will cry. Sometimes I do both

  17. Cinder

    I keep a spray bottle near my bed and spray my face as soon as a hot flash comes on. Really helps.

  18. ViewsByShawnee

    Also, why when mentioning peri or menopause the first thing is hot flashes noooo there are wayyy more symptoms!

  19. Me Mel

    Bad migraines, night sweats , hot flushes I have cut down my sugar and gave up chocolate it does help 👍

  20. Cindy Aronowitz

    I've done all of this! Non of it helps god

  21. Health Conscious

    Those natural remedies are really helpful to relieve menopause symptoms. There is more information to relieve menopause symptoms naturally in Health Conscious.

  22. Alvin Good

    Thanks to #drokosun for curing me permanently from HSV with his herbal effective herbal supplements, God bless you doc 💯

  23. Efootball Star

    What about body vibration and muscle ach.feeling so tired, body pains , breast soreness d list is endless for only me

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