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do you feel bloated? here is a quick natural home remedy to reduce bloated stomach pain, gas with a simple herbal tea ready in 10 mins, healthy and easy to make at home.
1/2 tsp organic jeera (cumin seeds), 1/2 tsp organic coriander seeds, 1 tsp saunf (fennel seeds), 3 black peppercorns, a small piece ginger, 3 cups of water.
Lightly crush the seeds and ginger, add to water and bring to a boil, simmer for 6 mins, turn off flame, cover for 2 mins. Strain and serve. Have the tea early morning till mid afternoon for best results.

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  1. Manuka

    Thank you!!!! 😊 💓 can't wait to try it. 😋

  2. Zoya Abbasi

    Which time I will drink this tea before breakfast or night ???

  3. Darren Surff

    Does this work for burping, I wonder anyone?

  4. Florence Ghaznawi

    Can it be used during periods?

  5. pratik shekhawat

    Just started taking this and will update you in future


    I love back ground music 😍😍

  7. (I'm Frank) +²³⁴⁸¹³³⁵⁰⁵²⁵⁴ DM Dr EHBOS

    I want to say a very big thank you to Dr EHBOS on YouTube for curing my HIV, God bless you.

  8. Shreya Ya

    Can I add this in curd and make buttermilk??? I can't bear the taste with waterr

  9. bhaavana

    I have been drinking it past two days and I can already see the difference, my tummy has gradually reduced. I'll keep u guys updated

  10. Anusha Rawat

    Can we store the crush dry ingredients for days?

  11. Rachel George

    I unfortunately have CDK and this is the best treatment I've seen so far with herbs from Dr emuakhe from Africa.I plan to use it in the future when friends/family ask about it…

  12. Astha Bhavsar

    Can we take this every morning ?

  13. Bhavna Rupani

    Does it helps in acidity also? And also want to know can i include this drink daily ? What time it should be taken ?

  14. emertxe tsom

    While going to college I'm normal boy, while coming back from college I will become uncle.

  15. Butter Fly

    Early morning when stomach is empty? Or early morning after meals? It makes a huge difference…

  16. Butter Fly

    Sadly, it lacks some very important aspects in the description box. Whether you take it before or after meals. How many minutes before or after meals. How many cups of tea in a day? If you please, be kind to complete the instructions. There are some precautions when it comes to dosage and this is highly important. Thank you

  17. Chijioke Gladys

    Honestly speaking, you are the best herbalist on YouTube. Dr AGBOYA Thank you very much doctor for curing me. I am now free and clean from herpes disease while using your medicine. I owe you a lot my mighty doctor. I love you always💯 💯

  18. Art Sy

    Started to drink this herbal tea from today mam. Will let you know the result hopefully it works

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