High and Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

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It can be important to recognise the difference between low and high blood sugar symptoms. Being able to spot when you’re high or low and sugar can help you to manage your diabetes.

Where possible, it’s best to check with your blood glucose meter, whether you are high or low, before taking any remedial action.

The symptoms of high blood sugar can include:

– Increased thirst
– Dry mouth
– Increased hunger
– Frequent need to urinate
– Feeling lethargic
– Blurred vision

If blood sugar is regularly high you may get recurrent episodes of thrush.

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  1. Hosanna barrett

    When I get low blood sugar it’s usually when I’m making something to eat ironically. I start to feel extremely weak like I’m about to collapse, and I rush to sit down and once I sit down I can’t get back up I can’t even lift a finger I get so weak. And then I start getting loud ringing in my ears then my ears start burning, my vision almost goes completely out for at least a minute or two, I feel like I have to puke, I go from hot to cold, I feel my heartbeat pounding extremely hard, my mouth would get really dry and my brother was with me he told me I got very pale. Im undiagnosed I haven’t been to the doctor for this yet im just assuming I have low blood sugar based off of my symptoms.

  2. Amos Emenike

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  3. Faluyi Femi

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  4. Faluyi Femi

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  5. Amanda mojica

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  6. Seth Miller

    I just had my first attack I think.I'm not diabetic I just love sugar I quit for about 2 weeks and today I woke up and the room was spinning I tried to get up and kept falling back down then I punched my bed and yelled and got up stumbled around to pee then 3 hours later I kept feeling this dizziness and weak and just terrable I'm glad I made it I prayed and luckly I feel god saved me he took it away shortly after I prayed it was so hard to breath and my heart was beating so hard and the room spinning I tried to stay calm focus on breathing it felt like I was ganna die but I've been at deaths door before so I stayed calm and eventually it stoped and I feel asleep for 10 hours after I just slept for 10 hours like 3 hours ago

  7. Shelby T Mitchell

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  8. Sebastian

    I keep waking up shaking like crazy and feels like I can’t breath so when I start eating sweets real quick I feel better so I’m guessing I had this

  9. adija

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  12. Pink Blue

    Not as an understatement, but having low blood sugar, especially when you don’t get it often, is a completely terrifying feeling. It’s a nightmare, especially if you get it low enough and have no one around to help you. I hope no one ever has to fight a low blood sugar alone. We are warriors! We are ways fighting and putting our best foot forward to prevent it. 🥊Yet there’s times no one is around, that’s when it can get emotionally bad I think. I remember being traumatized a couple times when I fought two extreme lows alone, I was sweating 😓 profusely and panicked cause my blood sugar didn’t want to get back up even though I ate so much I got too full and still had to keep chugging food. It’s a miracle that I managed to survive that 😱😥🤧Hopefully you all have someone around who can help. Really the only plus side is the sugary/starchy foods we get to eat! Lol cause they help, so here you go! 🍚🧁🧁🍯🍰🍰🍰🍩🍩🍩🍫🍪🧃

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  15. Tyler Gildemeister

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  16. Salmoann YT

    I’ve had two times when I’ve been told my blood sugar went low when it got to the point where i was crying, shaky, dizzy, irritable, and even unable to get up. I don’t if i should be concerned or if this is just normal and i shouldn’t worry about it.

  17. Dimitar Dimitrov

    I guess i have something in the middle or cycle between too high and too low blood sugar.

  18. Baron Roth Von Shyster

    Low sugar ….feels like every step you take …there's an elephant on your back ..and feels like your hearts being squeezed….that's how bad I've been managing diabetes without medication..

  19. Mona Lisa

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  20. Uptop Wonone

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