Healthy Unhealthy Food Quiz

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Main purpose of this video is to teach the food and drinks vocabulary. Too much of everything is bad for kids, we must talk about this issue during our lessons. This is such a controversial subject so please talk about this video DO NOT JUST SHOW! A short quiz video about healthy and unhealthy food to teach ESL or EFL students. Created by Armağan Çıtak and voiced by Hayley Erol Williams
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  1. Orca Ben drowned

    Hello I love your videos but is too funny and cute that's awesome 🔱🚗

  2. Kyza_Nostianka

    Скласти табличку Healthy/unhealthy

  3. Maio Parlato

    ha. loved the video. thanks! gonna use it for the food class. hope I won't be murdered in my sleep for showing a video that says that tea is unhealthy to a class of Chinese students…

  4. Matías Órdenes | De Todito

    3:03 there are kisses It should be for kids (turn off comments) Debería de ser para niños (desactivar comentarios)

  5. Matías Órdenes | De Todito

    Good video. My favorite mio.

  6. Matías Órdenes | De Todito

    Debería de ser para niños (desactivar comentarios) It should be for kids (turn off comments)

  7. Roan Johnny yt

    Chips is good but so much better good for me

  8. Yina Asqui

    Quién por la tarea de inglés aquí yo no entiendo nada 🤪😅

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