HbA1c – HbA1c testing and what HbA1c means

HbA1c – HbA1c testing and what HbA1c means
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HbA1c - HbA1c testing and what HbA1c means

HbA1c is what is known as glycated haemoglobin. This identifies the average plasma glucose concentration in the body.

Learn more about HbA1c at http://www.diabetes.co.uk/what-is-hba1c.html
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Hemoglobin A1c test is used to estimate glucose levels in the blood and to assess the condition of the patient whether diabetic or pre-diabetic. The test is based on the reaction of glucose on amine group of valine in N-terminal of Hemoglobin type A1c to form glycated hemoglobins. These glycated hemoglobins have average life span of 3 months there by indicates the estimated glucose levels as the average of past 2-3 months in the patient.

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  1. cominup85

    I really appreciate this video, thank you. I'm 35 and considered myself fit. Thought it would be "fun" to use my father in law's blood glucose meter and was shocked at the result – clearly showing my blood to be in the prediabetic range. I've been meticulously monitoring my blood for 3 weeks and found that my readings are now in the healthy range, but it requires me to stick to a really low (refined) carb diet. I've ordered a private hb1ac test after recently finding out about it. Your vIdeo helped to put it into context. This whole experience made me realise that there must surely be 1000s of people like me who will be sleep walking into diabetes. I'm thankful for this knowledge and hope I can reverse it.

  2. Christiana Ikpong

    The day I came across Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel was the day I started living a more comfortable life again after using his herbs medication in curing my Diabetes disease

  3. Mona Lisa

    Meeting Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel was the beginning of a new life for me after using his herbs medication in curing my Diabetes disease.

  4. Priscilla Camacho

    Yes indeed, Great work deserve good recommendations, thanks to Dr Igudia on YouTube for curing my Diabetes with his herbal medication. I will forever tell the world about your good work.

  5. GeorgiaIsOnMyMind

    I have the cure for diabetes. Just DON'T put carbs and sugars into your body. Don't even consume fruit & throw the rice & bread in the garbage.
    There you go; what YOU don't put in into your body can't harm you.

  6. Gopal Chauhan

    my a1c 4.18 diebities problem pls replay

  7. ranish shrestha

    does HbA1c level come back to normal again

  8. Blackrose

    i was told over a year i was type two and last year i had my blood test
    and it was normal the doctor said so i was doing something right

  9. BigEric42

    Well done ! A nice, clear and thorough explanation pitched at an appropriate level for your audience. People can snipe about sound quality and jump-cut edits, but I was watching to learn more about HBA1c not how to produce broadcast-quality video. (I'm quite good at the video bit, but lamentable at the HBA1c control). I may yet need to become proficient in the control bit to ensure I can continue with the producing bit ! Neither is easy… Thank you for sharing !

  10. D GATOR

    I lkd to say that I've had diabetes for 27 yrs, my A!C has never been below 8.0 but once, what confuses me is that all my other blood work is great, HDl LDl, thyroids, Blood pressure, I feel good, until I get my A!C, I workout, run and weights, not a smoker or drinker, can you help?

  11. DiabeticTim

    I like the honesty in sharing your personal HbA1c results – thanks.

  12. Amarachi onuoha

    Sir thanks for sharing. My hbaic result is 9.91%, what should I do?

  13. Salma Alavudheen

    Clear explanation thank you sir

  14. Mitidji Kadour

    Thank you for the clear explanation

  15. Mariandavecomplete green

    My hb a1c is 7.4
    Does that mean I'm diabetic?

  16. Dr.Suchandra Mitra Chaudhury

    Very very informative and useful video. Thanks for upload ing.💐💐💐

  17. v.k.

    Mam Mera hba1c 5.4 hai. Yah mujhe pata hai yah normal hai. Lekin non diabetic ka hba1c aksar kitna hota. Mera matlab hai ki 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 yah below five, inmein se kaun sa jyada hota hai.
    Plz reply

  18. Storm_YT

    Which type of diabetes a person has if a1c is 9

  19. Sittie Meriam Sali

    Wht about HbAIc result 6.4 diabites sir this is so high?

  20. Sartaj ali

    How to lower down hba1c??
    Mine is 6.6% ,plz guide Me

  21. Joan Emmett

    What an excitement in my heart after getting total cured from Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for my Type 2 Diabetes Keep saving lives sir

  22. essentialeugene

    My A1c was 6.7. Is this too high?

  23. Rama Bhupal

    very nice explanation. to me it appears controlling type 2 diabetic is most simple process from your explanation.
    Why people made this too complicated .
    as Hemoglobin life is only <3 months.

    All type 2 diabetic patients should avoid eating any sugary associated for for some times.
    say 7 days. in that process you can reduce your HBA1C by 7*100/120= 5.83%

    means if you more Hba1c , do fasting with fat for more days

  24. Jsr gk Ik

    Will regular intake of vitamin c influence hba1c results kindly answer

  25. عبده شجر

    ممكن باللغه العربيه

  26. rajeev Chettri

    Hi 5.41 hba1c and fasting sugar 81 is it normal ?

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